Friday, August 08, 2014

Lots of Scoop and 2 More SoCal Road Trips

A close friend recently drove by our first house.....we built it when we were merely babies.......28 years old.......such good memories from that home! I feel like we grew up as a family on Sugar Maple Drive. 4 years after it was done, and shortly after Jack was born, we started out on our journey into the U.S. with Denver as our starting point. It's been an awesome adventure!

Movie day! Boys went to one and girls in another. (We don't like dumb boy movies.)

New friend in the back yard! A California King Snake. I immediately sent a picture to my brother and he said we should flee. Just kidding. It's a good critter to have around.

Road Trip #3 for the summer included Riverside and surrounding areas. We visited our favorite bookstore, The Downtowne Bookstore. This is where we met the author of Sandlot a year or so ago.

Our hotel had a fun hot tub and the kids had a blast.

Went into town one night for dinner. I love Riverside.

Movie on the square.

Famous P&G's for yummy.

We returned home and these two were invited to their first sleepover. I thought for sure one would call to come get them. Neither did. Big kids. :)

We're still waiting to adopt our guinea pig. But, construction has begun on his home. Because you know a normal, plastic cage just won't do for this family.

Back to school shopping is nearly done. We start on the 18th! Laine is in full fashionista mode.

Back on the road again. This trip, Road Trip #4 for the summer, went to Malibu, Calabas, Augora Hills and more.

Love Malibu.......

Enjoyed fresh shimp, calamari, fish and more at the Malibu Seafood Market. With views for days.

Golf back at the hotel......

Out to dinner that evening in Calabasas.

Blake is fairly extremely high ranked when it comes to Hilton Hotels, as we only stay there - for work and for fun. So, we're treated like royalty. Laine loves this perk.

Snorkeling with Belle.

Visited the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium in Los Angeles. Cute place.

And, San Pedro Beach.

Ate dinner at the fish market in the Los Angeles Bay.

Another fun trip!

Now, back to school preparation is in full swing. Off to register Carter for the 8th grade. 

8th grade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dee Stephens said...

Aren't you glad you didn't stay in Texas? Think about everything yall would have missed out on. Good Times! GREAT Summer. :))

Jboo said...

Wow -- fun roadtrips! Kind of jealous of the beach and all the sights! Enjoy the back to school shopping!

Jodee said...

Pretty please adopt me! We aren't having near enough fun here! Love the beach pictures!

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