Sunday, July 10, 2011

Caroline Wrap Up + Scoop = Lots Going On, Folks

On Thursday, Caroline and I met our California fam at the beach.  It was Donna's birthday, so we celebrated in style with Key Lime cupcakes.  I didn't even know they were her favorite. 

Damn, I'm good.

My sweet Aunt Donna:

Her son and my cousin, Cam.  Love this kid.  Erin, his sister, is wreaking havoc in Europe at the moment, so we missed her company.  Uncle Bob, too.

Home for naps and then a visit to the pier. 

I love sunsets over the water.

It was busy, folks.  Summer time in California.

I want this bike.

Love Jackie holding hands with Caroline via the stroller.

We are obviously down with laziness in this house.

Oh, save it. 

Our kids are on the go more than most.

Let them ride in strollers, I say.

We watched fisher men people fishing.

And, took in all the beauty of the Oceanside Pier.  I love it.  Love that we live so close to something so completely foreign to us.

While Caroline and I ordered (my first no-carb burger, btw.....20 pounds lost!)......the punks put together these cardboard kits provided by Ruby's.  And, they all recognized the Griswold car. 

I raised them right, yo!

Ruby's Diner as been around for a while.

Carter fit the bill with his hipster hat and trendy specs.

Our return walk was in the dark and we stopped to see some of the old photos on the pier.  Super cool.

Visited the Sunset Market as it was closing and then returned home.

This critter came by for a visit.  He's a hungry guy.  I was tempted to make him dinner. 

At some point during Caroline's trip, we assembled one of our new in a previous post.

And, a few days later.....we can already see a sprout!

We took more naps.  Everyone wants to be next to Carowine.

On her last night here, we had the neighborhood kids over for s'mores and friendship bracelets. 

Caroline made her own version as I taught the kids mine.

Oh, how I coveted these tiny wraps of thread.  I was pretty much a bad ass in middle school.....making bracelets galore.

Jack took it upon himself to create the largest marshmallow burning it to a crisp.

Saturday morning arrived too soon.

And, we had to say goodbye to "Caro-slime".

In our usual routine.......we stopped by Fashion Valley to shop a bit.

I am in love with the Sun Diego store.


Maui Babe lotion

..............and more.............

Must buy this yellow shirt before Florida for Blake.

Went into the Disney store for the first time in a long time.  I never understood why I didn't like this was fun when it first arrived (even though they wouldn't hire me - I was DYING to wear the Minnie cheerleader uniform).  Then, a few years later, it seemed to go downhill.

Well, it's back, people. The magic is back.  I asked the associate how the store had changed and she said it was bought back by Disney.  The Children's Place owned it for a while.


Not all Disney stores are transformed yet.......but the one we went in was a flagship version of things to come.


So, what's next?

A mound of to-do lists on my desk.  Staring me in the face as I write this.

"To Do before Los Angeles"

"To Do before Destin"

"To Do before Phish in August"

"To Do before school starts"

Kids are in Vacation Bible School this evening and for the remainder of this week.  It's a nice little summer break for all of us.

I have to do the following in the next 2 days:

*make dentist appts

*confirm surf camp schedule and registration


*pack for the punks

*pack for me

*get Blake to pack for himself

2 nights/3 days in L.A. kid-less. 

I can't freaking wait.

(We're not allowed to say 'freaking' in our house, so I have to here.)



Darcy said...

I love that oceanside pier too, how beautiful.
that sunset pic is just divine.
What a beautiful family you have and how blessed to spend such wonderful time together :-)

Pam Bowers said...

Gorgeous sunset!

I made those bracelets by the thousands in middle school. So the pre-teens are still making those?

Quinn, Allison, Rylee and Cailyn McNamara said...

We miss you busy Starnes folk! I picked the girls up from LAX tonight and within minutes Jack and Wainey were part of the converstaion! We must get together soon...also so I can see your post-diet self! Way to go!

Dee Stephens said...

20 pounds!! That's awesome!! That's a few dress sizes at least!
The coon cracks me up. I forgot to mention it but our last night we had one break into our campsite and eat a pack of fajita wraps! LOL!!
Who's taking care of the kids while ya'll are gone?

The Rand's said...

S'mores and friendship bracelets! Love it!

Great pics of Caroline and the kids. Great job on the 20 lbs!

Jodee said...

It looks like you had a great week with your sweet Caroline! Love, love, love the napping picture!

I bet you are soooo excited for your kid-free trip!

Merry Mack said...

I am sad that you and Caroline are apart.

You go girl with your -20 lbs. Again, I am jealous.

Carter is so cool.

You need a cruiser.

Your lists make me tired.

Impulsive Addict said...

I'm quite exhausted after reading all of this. I hate that you get to travel all over all the time but it's the same song and dance I say every time I visit.

You should have gave the raccoon something. He's starving. Poor thing.

Love the inter tube around little punk in a couple of those pics. She makes me want to eat her! Adorable I say!

Ahh...friendship bracelets! Great memory!

Miss Sweet Tea said...

Fun times! I need to check out the Sun Diego my Maui Babe! I love the Oceanside Pier, lots of crazy people there!

Lauren W said...

I wish that you and your sister were next door neighbors. :-(

Sara said...

I love all the pics of Caroline and the kiddos! Love that y'all got to spend time with Aunt Donna, love that Carter has totally developed his own style, love that Jack has turned into such a sweetie pie and love that Lainey is as cute as ever!

Friendship bracelets - I wonder if I still remember how to make them???