Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Holy Moly - The Motherload of All Scoop

Sit down, peeps.  This is going to take a while.

Rylee and fam came over to celebrate her 1/2 birthday.  These two are such a mess.

Pa came to visit one night while Blake and I were in town and then also while we were in L.A.  We ate dinner on the Oceanside Pier.

Always, always dancing.

The pier was buzzing with activity.  Several sting rays caught!

And, a leopard shark.

Widespread Panic arrived and we headed to L.A.

Spotted this bumper sticker.  Love.  I love my chickens. 

(I'm talking about our kids, although, I would enjoy raising the poultry variety, too.)

We stayed in Korea Town.  And, picked the hands-down worst hotel ever.

Not because it was in Korea Town.  There are nice places, there.

Not sure this is one of them.

This one is.  I love a good venue.

"Hollywood and Vine" for the Panic fans reading.

Went down to Hollywood Blvd and checked out the chaos.

Grauman's Chinese Theater.  Legendary.

This swanky little bar was attached to our hotel.  No idea how that was made possible.

23 pounds lost!

Blake finally found the shirt I've been looking for since Puerto Rico in 2007.


Thank you, random dude with your rock-n-roll hands up, for making this picture awesome.

It was a total blast.

A few quotes:

(all from Blake)

*Please speed up.  You're going to get us killed.  If there is no traffic, you floor it.  Go 80.  And, get out of the left lane.

*Pick up your camera before we make this quick stop.  This car will be up on blocks in 5 minutes and it will probably be done by that Pepsi guy making his delivery.  It doesn't take long.  Bring everything in.

And, my favorite:

*Last night included many severe flashbacks to high school.  It was like watching someone drink for the first time and making sure they don't do any stupid sh*t.

Thank you, Blake! 

We seriously had so much fun.  Even sitting in our heinous hotel room having pre-show cocktails.  Blake makes me laugh like no other.

OK, so my friend, Kelly, is in town.  Had a great visit and will see her Wednesday, too!

We ate at Islands and then shopped at the Carlsbad Outlets.

Later that evening, we cooked out and relaxed in the back yard.

Kelly taught the kids some Hammer Time moves.  Carter was horrified.

Finally, surf camp!

Today was day 1 and it was super fun.

Our shy little guy was front and center, first in line to get in the water.  Such a cool kid.

Rather than gliding above the incoming wave like most kids, he now dips and crashes through to avoid more delay getting out and more paddling.

He even falls with a smile on his face!

Summer is full speed ahead and there are several vendors set up we don't see year round.

Our little pro......after 3 hours of non-stop work.

I treated Carter to a double scoop of home made ice cream and then we headed home to see the little punks after Vacation Bible School.

Lots to do this week.

Lainey has a fever.  Of course she does!  Because we have flights booked cross country on Saturday.  I'd rather have it now than then......keep your fingers crossed for me, please.

3 kids + mom have dentist appointments tomorrow.  I love getting my teeth cleaned.  LOVE.  I wish I could do it weekly.  (seriously)

Work on Wednesday for me.

Hair cut and color on Thursday.

Los Angeles on Friday!

I'm starting to pack and get things organized.  Batman is covered.  Mail has been held.  Keys are being made for house sitters.  Etc, etc.

Off to finish The Bachelorette.  Back soon!


Amanda said...

You are so busy!! I hope L feels better soon. You look fantastic.

Kittie Flyn said...

your family is so busy i can't keep up! um, the string rays...wow. surf camp? awesome! widespread panic...flashback.

no worries on the books, my friend. you're on vacation and spending precious time with the family!

i'm actually sending you a couple more, in case you ever slow down long enough to read a book. ;)

Dee Stephens said...

This is a mega post! 23 pounds!! That's awesome! YOu look great. Cute dress.
Kelly's little romper is cute too! We need to get out to visit.
Not sure when that will happen. We're pretty booked for the rest of the year! xoxo

donatelli98 said...

You look fab - so jealous!! I hate the dentist - you are so lame! Hope Lainey is feeling better soon!

Lauren W said...

Can I go to surf camp? Would I look ridiculous? I would me like the lame Mom who takes beginner tap lessons with other 3 year olds. Would Carter be mortified?

Nate, Abbey, Noah, Blaire and Tatum said...

Congrats on losing 23 pounds sister!! That is amazing! And surf camp...it looks like the movies. So fun!

The Lenzers said...

pretty sure that bumper sticker is not suppose to read "i love my chicken"! you look FAB!!!! so proud of you. can you please find Mark a job in sunny SD area...seriously. If I could convince him we would not kill each other in a small house out there, maybe I could get him west. glad you and B had fun, and that he can still entertain you

blush restoration said...

um, when did lainey become a grown up. she looks so big!

Jodee said...

Congrats on your weight loss. You look FABULOUS!

Surf camp? No way! I didn't know there was such a thing! Soooo cool!

I love having my teeth cleaned too. I would also do it every week if insurance would pay for it! HA HA!

Hope your sweet girl is feeling better soon!

Kelly Beatty said...

A) Am I only as tall as a 4th grader?

Thanks for hosting me. Love you still use the word "heinous" and also LOVE Jack on the train. Train = Bliss for Jack.

B) Thanks Dee. That is a dress from Forever 21. My #1 store.

Coco said...

My dad bought that tshirt in Costa Rica.
You look great, dress is darling.

Momma to the A's said...

WOW! 23 pounds ... you go girl! That is awesome!!!

Carter is too cool! How awesome that he is in a surf camp. That is one neat kiddo!

So glad you had fun with Blake sans kids to enjoy your fav band!! Y'all are really living the dream out there!

Merry Mack said...

You need that bumper sticker.

I love half birthdays and Pa visits.

You and Blake had a perfect getaway for you two. It looks like fun.

Mr. Mack did surf camp when we were in San Diego and loved it.

You look awesome. Congrats on being lighter.

Kelly is cute as pie.

Kristen said...

Such an awesome scoop.

23 pounds?!?!?! Way to go girl!! You look fab- not sure where you lost it all because I thought you looked stellar before but rock on with your skinny self!!

And- no worries- I live thousands of miles away and am getting married- but your hubs is H-O-T. Just a statement of fact. That is all. I shall move on.

The picture of Lainey in her tutu riding on Pa's back.... If it wasn't weird, I would honestly frame it. I'd take out all the color and just have a slight tint of color for her tutu. This picture is just perfection to me. Pure love. The best stuff in life. All in one pic. Sigh.

An your dress is the hot mama skinny badass pic?? Love. Where is it from?

Also... Lainey's striped leggings. Where do you find such adorable things?

And now my comment that went on forever will be finished.