Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Kelly's Visit, Old Town San Diego & Valentine's Day

Lots to cover.

Here we go!

My Delta Gamma pledge sister, Kelly, came to visit recently.  She's lucky enough to have work in San Diego occasionally and so we see her often!

She joined us for Carter's early morning basketball game and then a pancake breakfast at the Lion's Club.  All for a good cause!

Next up?  A brief visit to Legoland.  Kel had never been and is 27 weeks preggo, so we didn't want to wear her out.

Kelly seemed less enthused about my favorite ride.  Think she texted the whole time.

The audacity!

Lunch time.  Little bit is learning to use chopsticks.  She's pretty good, too!

Spent the night in Old Town with Kelly and kids. 

Enjoyed cruising around historical San Diego.

Ate 2 meals at the Coyote Cafe.  Dinner and then breakfast, too.

Cinnamon tortillas with melted butter?  Yes, please!

Love how each restaurant has tortilla bakers facing the street, selling them by the single and dozen.


One day we'll make it to this Creole Cafe.  Looks darling.

Visited briefly the Whaley House.  Super haunted and fabulous.  Kids were dying for a ghost tour.  Maybe this week when we return for a visit with Uncle Chris!

Candle making is always a favorite.  Kids had Valentine $$ from Pa and Mae they spent it wisely, of course.  :)

Walked through the Museum de Estrellio.

Supposedly haunted, as well.  Will return for a more thorough visit after reading up on it more.

Kids swam in the morning and I enjoyed the views.

I love San Diego.

And, now.........Valentine's Day.

Carter, our 5th grader (sigh), did not have a traditional Valentine party.  He's too big.  Instead, they wrote kind essays about each other and read them aloud at their tables.

Dressed up in ties and coats.  The girls had on fancy dresses.

Tea was served.  Napkins were used.  It was adorable and heart breaking all at the same time.

My oldest is growing up.

I brought the finger sandwiches.

It was a very cool party for them. 

And, you know I wore my trademark embarrass-Carter socks.  In lieu of tights this time.

Changing things up a bit.

Wonder if he'll allow me to do this in Middle School?

Wonder if he'll allow me to enter his Middle School?

Obligatory pic.

He smiled!

Lainey has decided to marry Jack. 

 It was Valentine's Day.  Love was in the air.

Don't worry.

Jack may have other plans.

School party for Jack. 

Kindergarten is so fun, yall.

Back home to visit with the McNamara girls.

Our precious, precious girls.  Who are moving soon. 

My heart is breaking.  More on that later.

Received lots of goodies from family and friends and Jack paid particular attention to the jelly beans from Aunt Caroline.

And, he wore a tie to school 2 days in a row.

Love it.

More coming soon:

*Pa's in town this weekend.

*Might be headed to La Jolla tomorrow for an art show.

*Ski trip is being planned.

*Water Sound (next to Seaside, Florida) has been booked!

Spring is on its way here in Southern California, despite the yucky rain and cold today.

We're ready! 

I'm ready to plant flowers.

I'm ready for the beach.

I'm ready for a tan.

Later, peeps!


Dee Stephens said...

congrats to Kelly! I had no idea. I guess that's the awesomness of not being on FB! WOOT!

donatelli98 said...

I am oh so tired after reading all of this! Looks like a great time!!

Mama Sue said...

Looks like a fun week! You stay so busy!

Monica said...

1st: Jack is a P.I.M.P.
2nd: LOVE your Valentine's socks.
3rd: I have good memories at Cafe Coyote in Old Town!

Tutus and Choo-Choos said...

Love the socks! I love embarrassing my 5th grader also. They still love us in spite of it all.

Kristen said...

Carter's school VDay party sounds way cool- what an awesome idea!!! And I cannot get enough of Jack in his ties. So very awesome.
Also- please tell your friend Kelly she looks fan-freaking-tabulous at 27 weeks. I never wore an outfit half that adorable the whole time I was preggo. Who am I kidding? I barely wear outfits that cute non-preggo. And I enjoy I am already using the past tense when describing being pregnant even though until tomorrow, I'm still knocked up.

Kristen said...

Also hi again PS- Bad ass socks. Love.

Jodee said...

Holy smokes! You guys are having sooo much fun! Great pictures too!

Kelly Beatty said...

Thanks Dee! You didn't miss any FB announcement...I guess this is my "announcement" :). Casey - the finger sandwhiches turned out perfectly. Love the tights. Thanks for having me. I love to party with the Starnes Family.

PS. Lainey also told me she was going to marry Jack. I didn't say anything but I thought that was strange. :)

Tell all the kiddo's and Blake "Hi!" for me.

Kelly Beatty said...

PS - THANKS Kristen :).

Impulsive Addict said...

What in the name of crazy socks did you have going on? You will scar your children for LIFE! Is that what you want?

And it's about time you guys went somewhere fun. It's been a couple of weeks. I was getting worried.

Unknown said...

My plans this summer include a staycation in San Diego. Did you love the hotel you guys were at? And I adore Old Town and all of the fun things for the kids to do there. We always stop by the candy store for a small treat :)

starnes family said...

The hotel was great, Danielle. Email me for more info!

Wiz said...

I LOVE the socks! I am so going to embarass my kids at every chance. It builds character!

The Lenzers said...

such fun!!!! I miss CA, hoping for a trip there next year.