Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Stuff That Is Bothering Me

1.  I have 3 kids on 3 different schedules. 

It's exhausting.  And, it won't change for another 3 years. 

2.  In conjunction with that schedule issue, Carter participates in every.possible.activity at school. 

Spelling Bee
Scrabble Club
Geography Olympics
The Green Team
Running Club

When do I sit him down and clue him in that this is all very nerdy?

(Calm down.  You know I'm joking.  It's my blog.  I can joke.)

3.  Blogger's word verification just became even more annoying.  Remember when it was one word that you had to confirm?  Now there are two and it takes me about 283 tries each time I try to comment.  Please, for the love of blogging, remove the word verfication.  Your computer will not blow up.  You might get some spam.  Promise you'll make it out alive.

4.  I missed Mardi Gras.  Again.

5.  Finn.  Fat, cuddly, and now in solitary confinement.  She pees all over our bedding. 

Caroline Clemens, I curse you for insisting we choose a girl.

6.  Traffic tickets.  Remember that violation from a few weeks ago that I'm still not entirely sure was legit?  It cost me $290.

I love California.  I do.  But, it's damn expensive to live here. 

Better go take in some ocean views to get my money's worth and feel better about this racket.

Anything bothering you today?

Back soon in a much better mood..........almost positive about that!


Dee Stephens said...

I'm with you on the word verification. I can't even manage to comment from my phone because it's so freaking annoying!
What else is annoying? that our house is a construction zone right now!

Kristen said...

That pic of Lainey and Finn is adorable . . . Yzerman was peeing on our guest bedding for a while. Damn him. Now we just keep the guest bedroom locked up. But it was a pain in the ass.
I love that Carter is Scrabble Club- I never knew such a thing existed.
What's bothering me? You know how it goes- I'm exhausted, my boobs are exploding and hurt like hell, my house is a DISASTER and I feel like my husband and I will never again be a couple because everything revolves around the little Miss. We talk about poop, pee, puke, formula, tummy time... don't get me wrong. I adore the little Miss but I also miss my husband. He's the best dad and takes care of us like a champ when he gets home but I still miss him. Since you're mom/wife of the year who I aspire to be, just promise me at some point we'll actually be "us" again. Not just Quinn's parents.

Monica said...

At this very moment, nothing is bothering me. This is a shocker. Mark this date down on your calendar!

Pam Bowers said...

I hate word verification...and tickets...and pee!

Vincent Family said...

LOVE.THIS.POST. My little ones have passed me thir sickness so I am feeling extra bothered right about now!

I am with you on the peeing thing. Both of our dogs are guilty and sometimes (when I step in it) I just want to open the door and let them run but then I remember I love them (most of the time).

Brittny said...

My favorite word verification "word" was "semen". Yup, and it said I misspelled it. Probably because I was in so much shock that THAT was the word I had to spell! I hate those things too.

Jodee said...

Three schedules, cat pee and word verification? You have plenty to complain about. Bitch away! I am all ears!

P.S. Can you please recommend a book for me to read while in Mexico?

Cate O'Malley said...

Totally hear you on #1. Madeline will be in a new school in September, and I'm dreading managing two different school schedules.

Kelly Beatty said...

For the record, your house at least does not SMELL like cat pee. So, that's good news.

What's bothering me? The bureaucratic mess of a government retirement plan called TSP. It is for LOSERS and I want my money out of there and have been messing with 877 numbers and TSPU70 forms since OCTOBER.

Merry Mack said...

I love your nerd.

I am so sad that Finn can't quit peeing everywhere.

Boo to tickets.

I am bothered by parents at the moment, but I don't want to open that lid.

Kittie Flyn said...

Even when you rant you sound so nice about it. Must be the Southern Belle in you. :)

Lauren W said...

Life bothers me. That is all.

Wiz said...

I just removed my word verification this week because the new format was so annoying!! And after my cats are no longer around, I think I am done with pets. Who am I kidding? I am sure the kids will talk me into it.