Monday, April 15, 2013

Greek Day & News!

First, I joined Carter on Friday afternoon for what is called Greek Day at school.  I was not going to miss this. 6th graders do not often invite parents to participate in anything!

I don't love this picture of me.....but do of Carter.  Our sweet, happy kid.

Greek Day consists of Olympic related games and all sorts of fun.  So glad I was able to go.

And, in other news, my beloved job at the theatre is winding down.  I have loved every minute of it and am very sad to leave.  Will continue from home with social media and supporting them through volunteer work as I can......but my Monday-Friday commitment is too much with kids.  

I have been struggling with this decision for some time now.  It worked beautifully for a while, but Blake's job has become very demanding and my family needs me at home again.  

And, with all that said......with all things decision to resign is fully validated when I pick up Jack in the afternoons.  Every day, I get an update on the countdown.

"5 more days, Mom, until you're home."

That's all I needed to hear.

So, a transition awaits us and lazy summer days at the beach are in my future.  

Not a thing wrong with that!


Dee Stephens said...

It's hard when a Mom is home with the kids then goes back to work. I remember when my Mom made the decision to go back to work. I hated every last minute of it. Resented her time away from us. I think that's b/c I knew something different though.
Miss Shelby won't know any different so I hope there won't be that reaction.
We will see.

Monica said...

Good for you! In the end, family is what is most important! Have fun on the beach :)

Nicky said...

With kids that cute I would want to be home with them as much as I could too! I think it's so sweet that the kids are looking forward to it too.

Unknown said...

Yay! More time with the kiddos. See you soon.

Jo said...

It is a great picture of you and Carter!

Long summer days on the beach ... sounds like bliss! Enjoy every moment

Tutus and Choo-Choos said...

Staying home is such a tough decision. But, going back to work is also. My kids have experienced both and they are not ready for me to go back to work full-time. They enjoy that I am home after school with them.

Every mom knows what is best for her family. Good for you that you get to stay home again and enjoy the lazy days of summer. I am so ready for summer vacation.

Jodee said...

Working full time while parenting is completely overrated! I am so blessed to be home before and after school with our punks! I definitely think you are making the right decision and I can't wait to drool all over your summer beach pictures!