Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Field Trip

It's the week of Jack!

First up, his very first field trip.

I think it's pretty much the biggest thing that has ever happened to him.  I was so happy to be part of it!

We took a Nature Walk to better understand California wildflowers.  Amazing things grow here......with little rainfall.......I learned a lot!

Our little guy volunteered several times to pull the lunch basket.

On the left, hat on backwards.  So cool.

We identified palms and all sorts of poisonous plants.

Walked around the pond and even saw a dead duck!  Totally the highlight.

Jack made lunch for us both and wrote our names, too, on the bags.

In honor of Earth Day, we cleaned up the park.  

Kids ran wild and enjoyed the pretty day!

Next up is a birthday celebration at school......then Disneyland......then his big party on Saturday.

We visited the Bowling Alley yesterday to confirm party plans.  While there, I gave Jack $1.00 to spend in the arcade.

He won something from the Claw Game. 

Now, for the rest of his life, he will not believe me when I tell him that those games don't deliver toys.  Damn.
Back soon with more party updates!


Monica said...

Jack looks a lot like Carter in some of these pics! How fun that you got to go along on the field trip. I always loved that my mom was able to go on field trips too! Also, that's awesome that he got something from the claw machine. Use this comment as testimony that he is the ONLY ONE who has ever retrieved something from the claw. Your mother is not lying Jack!

Anonymous said...

Jodee said...

Field trips are the best! Kamree's class just went on a nature walk too! Cute pictures!

Dee Stephens said...

Jack's having one hell of a birthday week! Party and Disney?! WOOT!

Sara said...

He's such a big boy!!! Hat on backwards?? Love it.

Kristen said...

Seriously... I don't "know" him and yet I think he's the coolest kid ever. Ever. So glad he got to have such an amazing first field trip experience. And thrilled you got to enjoy it with him. Just good stuff I tell ya, good stuff.

And I still laugh at his claw game win. I think those things are so stupid and such a waste of money and yet Carl plays them like there's tomorrow. And he always wins and it annoys me to no end.

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