Monday, April 22, 2013


Have I mentioned lately how much I love California?

Took the kids recently to Belmont Park in Mission Bay.  So very California-esque.

Who doesn't love a restaurant where your feet rest in the sand?

And, one that has a wave machine?

And, a giant chess board!  We played ping pong here for hours.

I felt the need to take a spin on the Tilt A Whirl in honor of the Griswolds.  Remember that line from Christmas Vacation?

Sweet Jackie was so excited for this big boy ride.  Laine did not share the same enthusiasm.  In fact, she was furious.  Not easy being the littlest.  

Happy to see her loving this one. 

Fish and Chips for dinner!

My ping pong opponent.  So cute.

Walked down to the beach.  Found some huge kelp bubbles.

Love this beach.

Spent Sunday afternoon at a beautiful resort in Carlsbad.  The flower fields were just below us.....

Blake wanted to kill me before, during and after inflating this raft I bought for the pool and ocean.

I don't know why?

Busy week here.

Jack's first field trip is tomorrow!  First ever.  So glad I can be there for it to help.

Carter is busy with school.  Made the honor roll for achieving a gpa above a 3.3.  His transition into 6th grade has been a tough one.  But, he's finally got the hang of it and is excelling like normal.  

Lainey is switching boyfriends.  Moving from one Nicholas to another.   Hard to keep up!


Heidi DeGroot said...

First off, I have no idea what a kelp bubble is, but they look interesting. Second, I enjoy living vicariously through your family's adventures and the CA sun! More snow in MN today. But, the bright side is the forecast is 64 for Fri and 72 for Sat!!!

Jo said...

Kep bubbles?? Have never heard of them. But I'm starting to think I want to move to California!

Dee Stephens said...

OMG! The look on Blake's face! Reminds me of Brad!! HAHAHAHA!! Totally hysterical!
Also, Jack is starting to look JUST LIKE BLAKE!!! OMG!

Tutus and Choo-Choos said...

My hands are itching to work in a flower bed and normally I would be by now. But, NOT this spring in Nebraska. We had blizzard conditions yesterday afternoon, but the weather is to turn warmer at the end of the week.

Keep the warm spring California photos coming so that I can experience spring through your family.

Monica said...

Best pics ever of the kids on the rides. Such joy in their faces! Looks like a fun time!

Monica said...

PS I've never seen a snow cone that big in my life! AWESOME.

Unknown said...

Did I spy Nachos? I love Nachos. wth is a kelp bubble? I will ask Carter. Rad resort. I need a vactaion!

starnes family said...

Yes, nachos!

And, I have no idea if 'kelp bubbles' are what they are called. But, it's what we call them!

Kristen said...

I LOVE that you brought an inflatable raft. Carl would shoot me death glares as well for demanding that come with us. And I would not care and would still demand it be a part of the fun.
I love how many adventures you guys have. I feel like our life is totally boring. Which it is. But I hope one of these days I can remedy that. We need some adventure in our life.

Anonymous said...

Jack is the cooool-est birthday bowler ever !
Love you Jack,