Friday, November 01, 2013

Halloween Wrap Up - We Skip to Christmas Now, Right? Cue the screams.

We had a blast!

Our wacky school LOVES Halloween. 8:45am kicked off a costume parade for every child in the school.  No easy task to coordinate.....but it was done beautifully.

Mamarazzi was in full mode.

One of the most loved teachers announces each class, with awards for costumes, and highlights kids as they walk the perimeter....remarking on what everyone is wearing.  It's so much fun.

Don't know this kid, but loved the contradiction of her using an Iphone while drinking a bottle.  :)

I can't say enough about how amazing this school is.  California Distinguished, award winning and full of little details that mean so much to parents and kids.

Wacky teachers are dressed up, too.

2nd grade!

1st grade!

All the grades do their own parties.....1st grade held the "Pumpkin Games", a mimic of the "Hunger Games".  But, no one dies.

Here is Laine attempting to eat a powdered sugar donut hanging from a string.  

Jack made food he wouldn't dare actually ingest.  Fixed his banana ghost, clementine pumpkin and apple/almond teeth.......then handed it to the mom helper telling her she could use it as an example for the others.

Such a giver, this kid.

I survived this busy day and kicked up my feet in the carpool lane.  

Home shortly after to prep the house for trick-or-treating.

I posted this on Instagram.....a look back at 2007 Halloween. 

Bitty Starnes kids in Star Wars gear.

Everyone here is mad at me.  Can't even recall why.  

We went to a party with friends across the neighborhood and took this pic:

The view is AMAZING.

Us?  Not so much.  Always a mess.

Time for candy!

Started at our sweet neighbor's house.....Miss Daryl.

Mad again.

But happy to see friends!

Home to inspect the goods!

I'm sad October is over, but happy to prepare for Thanksgiving next!

So much to do in November.

We start on Tuesday celebrating 13 days of Carter.......a gift each day......before he turns 13 on November 17.

A teenager!!!!!!!

Forget being scared on Halloween.  Carter's nearly a teen.  

The horror.


Dee Stephens said...

Love Laine's pink frosty lipstick and 13 is a HUGE birthday!!!

Unknown said...

Awesome. Why would all the kids be mad at you? And seriously, was Carter George Bush or Ronald Reagan? Thanksgiving!

Jodee said...

Oh my word! Your school looks like so much fun! What a fun Halloween!

Kristen said...

Okay... I'm feeling an extra long comment coming on. So consider that your warning and be prepared.
I LOVE YOUR SCHOOL. Halloween is totally banned from our schools. And that angers me. As in it is not acknowledged and no one can talk about it or wear costumes, or anything. Some parent freaked and complained years ago, screaming separation of church and state, blah blah blah so now no one can enjoy the day. Again, ANGER. I might just start enrolling Quinney in your school for the month of October. You know how I love this month so and how much joy Halloween brings me.
Also... I love your comment about the Pumpkin games being like the Hunger games, except no one dies. Fantastic.
Jack. Sigh. I just seriously love him. LOVE. Every picture I can just feel the Jackisms and Jack vibe so strongly. He amazes me.
I'm sure I had more to say but now I can't remember... This October flew by. I know there are magical adventures ahead but I am a bit sad it's behind us...

Monica said...

LOL. I love the angry pics.

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