Thursday, January 30, 2014

DLR Prep School

Good morning!

I've been totally consumed with all things Disney lately.  My site is up and running and it's a ton of fun!

The basic Disneyland planning 6 step process is in place:

And now I'm posting about once a week.  Here are a few posts:

I'm totally enjoying meeting new people and learning more about the parks.  You think you know a lot.....until you have to teach people a lot.  Then, you learn even more!

I'm on Pinterest HERE.

I'm on Facebook HERE.

And, Instagram HERE.

Come follow me and see what Disneyland is all about!

(Would love to know your secrets, too, with planning and what you think I might have missed in mine.)


Jodee said...

This is the perfect job for you! I can't wait until you can take us to Disneyland! You know I am not going without you!

Unknown said...

Yay! Do you have plans to write something like "birthdays at Disney"??? Planning MB's 2nd birthday at Disney. You are AWESOME!

starnes family said...

Great idea, Kel! I have a birthday post from my blog for celebrating a 6 year old birthday, but nothing for littler ones. I'll get busy on that!

Unknown said...

Oh yay!

Emmy said...

So awesome!! So happy this is all coming together. Is it true they are actually bringing the SoCal resident deal back? Eric thought he saws billboard about it

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