Sunday, January 05, 2014


We're loving 2014!

Life lately:

Shortly after my awesome Christmas present beach artwork, Blake created this for Lainey.

I want it for the living room now!

We recently got new chairs and we're ready to deep clean and store this piece.

Lainey committed to a 2 day vigil and refused to leave it.

"It was in this family before me!!!!!!!!!  How dare you!!!!!!"

(She has attachment issues.)

We celebrated Blake's 39th!

With the chocolate cake I create for each birthday and sometimes, like a few nights ago, at 8pm for no reason at all.

We put the chair on the patio.  

Next move, to the garage.


New Year's Eve brought out a lot of recipes.  This new one HERE is divine.

Ham....cheese....on King's Hawaiian rolls......covered with a Dijon/butter/Worcestershire/dried onion....and left to marinate.

Then, cook for 15 minutes at 350.


We paused for a moment on NYE to think back 15 years:

On the Eve of the Millennium, I drove my Corolla from Baton Rouge to Austin packed with most of what I owned, except for furniture. From that night on, Blake has been a permanent place in my life and in my heart. From those first few months where we could not breathe without each other....lunches on my breaks at Pier 1 because 8 hours seemed too long to be apart.....kid-free life on 6th getting married in San Carter....building our first home in Keller, Jack....Colorado....Lainey....KC....San Diego and more. 

We watched LSU beat Iowa!

And, visited the San Diego Zoo for Jingle Bells.

I feel so grateful to have passes.  (Thanks, Uncle Chris!)

Look at one day admission:

I feel the same as Lainey on the Skyfari.

The goons were out to play.

The lights are beautiful and the weather is chilly.  

Always a fun night each year.


These three are really good friends.  I love it. They play together (basketball, Wii, Playstation, XBox, rainbow loom, tag, hide-n-seek, Littlest Pet Shop, MineCraft, and more).  They fight.  They argue.  And, they work together to overthrow the reigning government in our house and I love that.

They won't win, but I love that they try.

And, finally......Lainey is dreaming of the runway each and every day.

This girl loves fashion.

More news possibly coming.......I'm doing a trial run with another freelance writing assignment.....which could turn into something awesome.  I'll share when I can.



Dee Stephens said...

15-years. Amazing!! Isn't it crazy how life evolves?

Tutus and Choo-Choos said...

I have been wanting to try that recipe for those ham sandwiches! Now that I know they are awesome and that they have been tested on kids, I will be giving them a try!

Jodee said...

Love your New Year's subway art!

Happy birthday to your sweet and amazing hubby!

Holy smokes! I can't even believe the zoo admission there. So crazy!

Hope you have a Happy New Year! I am getting your holiday package ready!

starnes family said...

Totally, Dee!

Becca Jane said...

I love your subway art, too! I need to get on that train. (haha, get it?)

I love that I can picture your cute little house and life now! It was such a treat to meet you guys. I'm still giddy over that.

Emmy said...

Love her outfit and that last picture- though she looks so old in it. That recipe sounds so so good!

Jacob C said...

Hello mate, nice post