Friday, January 31, 2014

My Little Fashion Designer

Some of my most popular posts on Instagram are of #whatlaineywore.

It all started here.  I snapped this photo of her after church one morning and people loved it.  Our little 6 year old has a keen eye for fashion and puts together some CUTE outfits.  

She's very much into design and all girly things.

She watches YouTube videos on how to apply makeup and what to wear to look your best.  I make special efforts to indulge this interest of hers, though trivial to is VERY important to her.  

Who knows?  Maybe we have a budding fashion designer on our hands.

Caroline texted us a swim suit last night asking what Lainey thought of it.  Wanted her advice before purchasing.  Lainey approved and chose the color, too.  :)

Off to make sure she's not applying make up before school!