Friday, March 07, 2014

Friday 5: I'm Co-Hosting!

Hello, there!

I'm co-hosting today with Emmy Mom.....her site HERE.

We met a couple of years ago at a blogger lunch with mutual friends in Huntington Beach and reconnected on Instagram and in this crazy online community! She's a ton of fun and has cute design ideas (on a budget - you know I love that) including her Master Bedroom Redesign and also her Important Date Artwork Tutorial. Check out those posts for sure.

So, Friday 5 is easy. Post 5 stories/tidbits from the week and 5 photos. That's it! You can join, too, and link up to meet some new peeps.

Here are my 5:

1. We are leaving the Middle School basketball world behind after my 13 year old son won 2nd place in the city! Now, on to baseball for the littles (6 and 7 year old Irish twins). We have always been super laid back about team sports and aim to allow each child to do one sport a year. With snow skiing and travel and beach time and exploring this amazing place we live in SoCal, I don't want to be strapped to commitments like these year round. So far, it's working for us.

2. I loved the Oscars on Sunday, but wish Leo had won. Matthew deserved the Oscar for best leading man, but I'm dying to see Leo win after 20 years of nominations. Hopefully soon!

3. I found the most darling Elsa dress for our 6 year old daughter to wear on an upcoming Disneyland getaway. The usual variety is hard to locate and so I combed Etsy to find this option. (Picture below) LOVE this designer.....affordable Disney princess wear.....this dress and the bow (cape and shoes not included) cost only $35 shipped. Her Etsy shop is HERE.

4. I haven't read anything I absolutely love lately and would love suggestions for a meaningful non-beach-read book. With that being said, I did love Divergent and can't wait for the movie out soon!

5. My sweet older brother came to visit recently and we, as always, enjoyed our visit with him. We seem to never see him enough, but hopefully again soon!

And, my photos:

With my brother, Chris and my three.....Lainey, Carter and Jack.

Father-in-Law, "Pa", Carter (13 year old) and handsome husband, Blake.

Dumb and Dumber  Jack and Lainey

Elsa dress!

And, my wish for you....Dole Whips and Disney trips.

I write for, a Disneyland planning site.

Come see me!

Thanks for checking in and I'll come visit you soon!


Dee Stephens said...

Love the Elsa dress! I don't blame you on not having the kids overscheduled. Smart.Smart.Smart

Katherine P said...

Love the Elsa dress! We did the same thing on limiting activities for the older kids and it really was the best thing for everyone. I think people forget that kids need some downtime too!

Anonymous said...

Love your Friday 5!! We have always subscribed to the 1 sport rule too! Have a fun weekend!

Emmy said...

Yea! Thank you so much for co-hosting. I do love that picture of Jack and Lainey, too funny. I don't know how anyone could do more than one sport at once, though we just jumped from basketball to soccer for Alex, but we only do soccer in the spring.
That dress is adorable.