Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Denver Museum of Science and Nature

Last week, the boys and I visited the Denver Museum of Science and Nature. We liked it so much that we bought a family membership and have already been back once! It's a fantastic museum with something for every age. Enjoy the photos....

One of our favorite exhibits.

This is in the Discovery Zone. Jack loved it!

Carter playing the drums to African music as little brother tries to help.

Jack is really intrigued by himself right now....always looking in the mirror and giving himself kisses!

There are several wildlife exhibits with native animals....these are our favorite...the Big Horn Sheep. We see them on the side of the mountains on our way to ski.

There's a great part with information on the life of a baby before being born. It takes you from the beginning and shows you all the stages.

Learning about the importance of exercise and good health.

Carter loved the Prehistoric Life exhibit....because the calendar just happened to show his birthday.

And, finally....outside with his souvenir.....a space helmet.

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