Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Zoo Trip

Most of the outings the kids and I do together are mid-week and without Dad. This past weekend, we took advantage of our south-of-Denver home (for a few more days!) and headed down to Colorado Springs for some fun. We're only 40 minutes from Colorado Springs here in Castle Rock. From Brighton, it will be over an hour. It was nice to share it all with Blake.

First, a stop at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. Next to the San Diego Zoo, this may be my all-time favorite. It's built on the side of the mountain and has such cool features because of it. It's a hike at times, but worth the effort.

One of the best parts of the zoo is the giraffe balcony where you can get up close to feed them.

The wild cats...

Such a cutie! I'm serious about that. I love hippos.

A tiger rolling around in what remained of the previous day's snow.

The zoo was FILLED with babies!!!! Here is one on his mama's back.

And, another....

One more...

Carter's favorite. On our last trip to this zoo.....with Caroline right after we moved here.....one of these goats stared and stared at Carter. Wherever he went, the goat's eyes would follow, so Carter was looking forward to seeing them again.

While walking down one of the paths, we noticed 4 mule deer casually walking through the zoo. Luckily, before I started screaming "There's deer wild in the zoo!!!!!", I noticed that no one else seemed alarmed. They jumped right up on this cliff next to the mountain goat exhibit and started grazing. Still getting used to this "wildlife roams everywhere" understanding in Colorado.

Carter thought it was so cool and wanted his picture taken to show how close he was to them. Look closely and you can see one just to the right of Carter.

After the zoo trip, we drove up through the zoo to see the Will Rogers Shrine of the Sun.

It's at the top of the mountain....kind of a scary drive!

Darling Jack taking it all in.

The chapel downstairs.

Some views from the top....this is the Broadmoor Hotel.

And, the Garden of the Gods.

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