Monday, April 09, 2007


What a day! It started out snowy and cold and we were not even sure we were going to make it out of the church parking lot, but we did and our Easter turned out to be lovely.

Here are the boys just waking up to find their baskets.

Jack jumped right in and figured it all out!

Sweet Carter waiting patiently for little brother.

The Easter bunny left this bag of carrots by the back door. Seems as though he wanted to take the snack with him, but dropped it on his way out. Carter was amazed!

Baby Jack hunting for eggs.

Blake feeds Jack breakfast each morning while checking his daily reports for work.

We gave this chocolate bunny to Jack thinking it would be too bitter or sweet for him. He tried it for a few minutes and LOVED it!!!!

Still loving it. He actually cried when we took it away.

Here's our attempt at taking the boys' picture before mass. They were too excited to sit still.

The boys.

Easter morning outside!!!!

Snowing outside of church.

After mass, we went to Westminster, CO to visit family. Linda always goes above and beyond with holidays or any day! She had a million eggs for the kids to dye.

And, bunny cake!

Noah and AnnMarie had a baby chick waiting for them Easter morning.

Lunch time.

This is the "strong egg" contest. Jack got it started because he's the youngest.

And, more games followed.....

Carter, Noah and Devon at the egg carrying contest.

By 4:00, Jack finally started getting sleepy.

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Anonymous said...

Jack, I was recently told I can not eat chocolate also...I too just wasn't fair. I feel your pain honey!

The boys look adorable!!