Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Best Deal Going

I believe I've written before about how much we love at our house. They have great quality prints (Fuji paper) at a standard price of $.12 for 4x6 photos with a flat rate of $.99 shipping, no matter how many you order. It's really a great deal.

Right now, they're offering $.06 a print! You don't get the $.99 shipping rate, but their prices for shipping are not bad. $.06 each!!!!

I've been terrible about printing pictures and just caught up, ordering 500 prints for about $40.00. I don't think you can beat that price, even if you sent the pictures to a lab to be picked up.

No, we don't own stock in the company....just thought I'd pass on the savings! Enjoy!


merrilee said...

Casey, you are a gem! I will DEFINITELY be ordering some prints and I am totally stealing your Father's Day idea. Thanks for sharing!!!!! Merrilee

Anonymous said...

500 pictures!!!! OMG!!!

starnes family said...

I don't typically order that many, but (I'm embarrassed to say) I have not printed out pictures since Christmas!!!!! 6 months! We've just had too much going on.

My neurosis typically doesn't allow for this kind of behavior, but it's happened and I've finally got things back in order.

Now....more work....I have to receive the pictures, sort them and put them in order....then into the photo albums.

Have I mentioned that I'm a lunatic?