Monday, June 18, 2007

Father's Day

Father's Day arrived with 95 degree temperatures in Denver which is super hot for this area! We went into the city to see the Rockies play Tampa Bay and then we were off to Elitch Gardens for the afternoon.

Jack at the game.

Carter trying to stay cool.

Our next can see Elitch's from the stadium.

Carter in the Kids Interactive area trying out his pitching arm.

The boys on Father's Day.

Our first stop at Elitch's was at the water park. It's total mayhem....which makes no sense to me....because even with the stifling heat, the water is SO cold.

But, just like our last trip out there....never too cold for Carter.

Blake and Jack consider going in and quickly decline.

Carter's favorite ride. The "thumbs up" means that the kids want to go around again. Usually, there is one crying and they let him off and then it's one more time around.

I love this one of Carter with his hands up, ready to go.

Jack, hysterical with laughter at the ball party.

Bumper cars.

Dad and son on a big-boy ride.

Mom and Jack wait patiently behind.

They're in these last two....look close.