Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Pool Time

Just a few from the pool over the weekend....our new home-away-from-home. Jack made big strides there.....spending time in the grass (gasp!), walking a ton, enjoying the water he was once weary of. It was all just a matter of time....

Blake spinning Jack.

So few shots of Carter at the pool....he comes to see us to eat, gather toys and for a ride home typically. Too much to do!

The big boy walking....arms up for balance.

And, falling....


I love this time of day. Just a few minutes before we go, we take Jack's swim suit off and let his swim diaper air out. Carter calls it his "swim panties". Nice.


Anonymous said...

Casey, I hope the newest Starnes looks like you because those two boys look more and more like Blake everyday! Especially Carter!

starnes family said...

Don't I know it!!! I thought Jack looked like my side for a while and he does in some cases, but every day he morphs more into a Starnes.

Not a bad thing at all, but I'd like some resemblence somewhere! :)