Friday, June 08, 2007

Door Signs

Carter creatively made signs for everyone in the house yesterday. I thought I'd share them with you because they're quite interesting.

This is for Mom and Dad. It's my car.....which does sum up my life right now....out and about taking the 2 kids we have places and shopping to prepare for the 3rd.

Jack's room - translation - "Jackie, No Scissors or Knives. Wah!" He did this after I asked him to clean up his art supplies in the loft upstairs.....because Jack cannot play with scissors....he felt the need to let everyone know the hazzards that could hurt Jack. The "Wah" is what could happen if he does get ahold of them....then Jack with tears....and then the picture on the far right is the ambulance that will come get Jack if he gets hurt. Now we know!

Baby girl's room.

And, finally Carter's.....Star Wars (because his life currently revolves around the PS2 game, Lego Star Wars II) and a skull and cross bones because he's tough.

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