Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Last Day of Summer Scoop

Lots going on in the Starnes casa.

We babysat Moe and Lady, Rylee's dogs, last week.  They're now undergoing long term anxiety treatment, which may have been more expensive than the original boarding cost of the animals........but they would have missed the tea party.  So, I think it was worth it.

Time to go back to school, folks.  Look at what I let my kids wear to the movies.  We work better in a structured environment.

Our house has been overwhelmed with surf boards.

Some are for the ocean.

And, some are for design.  Isn't that cool?  Blake hung several on the patio to create shade.  Love it.

Headed into San Diego over the weekend to celebrate our last weekend of summer.  Intended to go to the zoo, but even the overflow parking was full.  Too crowded for us.

Went to Seaport Village instead to walk the bay.

Horse down.  Awkward.

Saw a pirate ship! 

The tourist in me is anxious to do this hokey tour.  Amphibious vehicle plowing through downtown San Diego, honking like a seal?  Yes, please. 

Caroline, are you in?

It was a fun day.

Sunday morning, we woke early to walk the beach and look at the tide pools.

Underwear.  Yes!  That is the sea life I was looking for.

Didn't see a ton.  Will go back earlier in the morning next time.

We did see some awesome houses in Carlsbad and Encinitas.

We're totally moving here.  I don't care what the cost is.

"Yeah, we live in the house shaped like a boat."

Grabbed breakfast and enjoyed the view at Moonlight Beach.


How does Laine have super model hair so early in the morning with no effort or styling?

Pa is in town. 

Dinner in Carlsbad at Norte by the water last night.

Then, we walked down to the beach.

Carter found a horse shoe crab.

Jack flew like an airplane.

The kids played with bubbles in the courtyard of the Carlsbad Inn.  Remembering this cute hotel for a future stay.

We returned home just in time for Laine to put on a "talent show".

She had to check her computer first to look for a song.

And, change costumes, of course. 

Plus, check her 'cue cards' Blake was holding.

I promise we're not hoarders.  The kids' toys pile up until I return them to their rooms.

Pa is forever fascinated with the patience of Batman.

He sat like this for quite a long time.  Such a weirdo cat.

School starts tomorrow kids. Backpacks have been filled with supplies.

The boys are super excited.

I am not.

I like summer and I like having my kids home.  And, tomorrow, I will have 2 kids in elementary school.

  Totally not ready for this.

Sweet Lainey Caroline is feeling left out.  She had to get her own 'pack pack' and fill it with the boys' leftover supplies.  Soon enough, she'll start her own regiment in Preschool.  Until then, lots of focus on the boys.  Not easy for our baby girl.

Back tomorrow with First Day pictures! 

(if my camera doesn't break from the tears)


If the shoe FITZ said...

I feel sad too!
Jack in school. Whoa. I remember holding him when he was just a day old! tear, tear!

I have pictures of me going to my first day of school and my sister standing next to me all sad b/c I was leaving her.

Dee Stephens said...

Love all the pictures! Hoarders! HA! That is a pile of toys!!
Pa is in town all the time! So fun!
Oh..and Lainey? She is growing up FAST! I can't believe how big she is!

Pam Bowers said...

Way to finish the summer with a bang! I hope the boys have a great first day of school.

Coco said...

Tessie Mayes BEGGED for that Cinderella back pack. She already has a Vera Bradley one that she had to have. So I held my ground.

And I won't go on that tour with you. No way.

Nicky said...

I absolutely love that picture of Lainey in the pink dress. So darn cute!

You certainly are taking some beautiful pictures with the new camera.

Good luck with the kiddos and starting the new school year!

donatelli98 said...

Love Laine's supermodel hair ... we had the same issue with school this year and supplies. Bia is going to a new school but didn't get to purchase lots of supplies like Chatty and didn't get to ride the bus either!

The Lenzers said...

I myself am feeling very bummed about this school thing! I would totally liive in the boat house! M says we are moving to CA after he saves 1 million $, so it might be awhile. LC does have some gorgeous hair, no fair

Kelly Beatty said...

I can't wait for first day of school pictures. Everybody is posting them on facebook and they are super cute! Oh, I swear I heard some honeymooners died on one of those duck tours in Boston or something. Google it. I wouldn't go on one if I were you. For real.

Quinn, Allison, Rylee and Cailyn McNamara said...

Mo and Lady look so thrilled (:
We need to get the girlies together for a play date soon. Maybe that will make life eaiser for Laine while the boys are at school. And we need to see the boys sometime too...

merrilee said...

What? You were at Moonlight beach and didn't text me? We live like a mile from there. Next time, let me know! Hope the boys had a great first day of school....can't wait for the pics.

aunt caroline said...

Am I in?

Like you even have to ask.

Kristen said...

Ummmm... surfboards on the patio for shade?? That's the coolest idea ever.
And I would like to live in a house shaped like a boat. Now.
Also... Batman?!?! Flippin' weirdo. Way awesome.

Brittny said...

I would TOTALLY ride on that touristy ride with you!!! But only if we can act like idiots and embarrass the kids even more. And I love love love lil' Lainey and her different costumes and her computer! That is soooooo Sophie!!! Sophie checks her email on her computer and tells me all the time that she has music and games on her phone. Today she had her purse, baby doll and stopped in the parking lot to make a phone call. A stranger was walking by and just started laughing b/c it was so funny! Those two would be a mess together! Good luck with school! C started this week and told me this morning that he hated his school. Only b/c I wasn't taking him. Then tonight, for the first time he was excited to tell me about his day. He and his best friend played bombers on the playground. It was hilarious!

M.R. said...

I can't believe that horse- SAD! I LOVE the surfboard shade-maker...such a cool idea!

Amanda said...

Poor Lainey! Tough being the little one. Love the surfboard idea. Looks great. Hope the boys had a great first day :)

Jodee Leader said...

I bet you are disappointed that summer is over since you had sooo much fun!

Count me in for that crazy tour. It looks like a blast!

Love the surf board shade! So clever of Blake!

Becca Jane said...

I love how long Lainey's hair is getting! Cute school pictures, that's sweet how close your kids are. Mine won't stop FIGHTING lately!!