Friday, August 12, 2011

Stuff I Didn't Know

It's actually a long list, but here are my recent discoveries.

Grill baskets.  Kelly came to town and changed our lives with these things.  Now, we're throwing everything from veggies to shrimp on the grill because these are so easy to use.  Not as easy to clean, but worth the trouble. 

Make Up Remover Wipes.  I've been ruining white hotel wash cloths my entire life taking off my make up at night.  I'm sure they've been around since the 80's, but these wipes are new to me.

Let Me Google That For You.

Do you have a friend who asks you how to do all sorts of crap? 

Direct her to this site moving forward.

Let's say that your friend asks you how to drive a car.  (weak along)

Punch that in and you'll receive this back.

Seriously awesome.  Be sure to click on that link to see how it works.

The new Stat Counter.  Much like the 'new' blogger, it scared me at first.  Now, I'm accustomed to it and love seeing who is lurking around our dorky family blog.

Veggie Mac n Cheese?  Jack couldn't tell the difference! 

It gives me great pleasure to know I'm sneaking in some vegetables.  (And, yes, this is a complete contradiction to my original parenting goals.)

It's not easy being this dumb, yall. 

Help me, please. 

What else is out there that I don't know about?


Kittie Flyn said...

'veggie mac n cheese'?? are there veggie bits in it?

is this like 'vegetarian cheese'? a few years ago my friend discovered not all cheese is made free of animal parts (this made me glad i'm lactose intolerant for once)

starnes family said...

No veggie bits or Jack wouldn't go near it!

Amanda said...

Do you know about Jessica Seinfeld's cookbook? Her Mac n cheese and chicken tenders recipes are great for kids.

Pam Bowers said...

I love my statcounter. It helped me find a person who was leaving nasty mean comments on my blog. Turns out she was one of my best friends from high school. Needless to say, we are no longer friends.

Dee Stephens said...

I need to get the stat counter. Went on there but not sure how to post the code on my blog???? HELP!

Allyson and Dave said...

Veggie mac and cheese...I might have to try that for me! I love grill baskets. They are great for veggies. And I think I use of pack of the make up wipes a week. I like my make up.

The Lenzers said...

i don't much about anything right now because all i do is chase a very busy climber named Christian

Impulsive Addict said...

I'm making a note to buy grill baskets. I love that idea (but I'm not excited that the clean up is a pain in the ass).

Face wipes have been with me for only a year. But damn...they are amazing for a quick job!

Brittny said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE grill baskets too! Pam makes a grilling spray and I put that on the basket before you put your food in it and it makes clean up much easier. Also, the baskets in the photo do look like they would be a pain to clean. The one we were given is more like a cookie sheet, shaped like a square basket, with holes in it. So you don't have tiny wires to clean.

I haven't tried that mac and cheese yet, but have been wanting to.

Pam, THAT'S INSANE!!!!!!!!

Glad you aren't stuck in the past anymore Casey. And that's sad coming from me, b/c I'm behind on things too.

Kelly Beatty said...

one more thing. I never clean my grill basket...i just throw it in the dishwasher and then back on the grill. i figure the grill kills anything harmful. Anyone wanna come over for dinner?

If the shoe FITZ said...

Okay. The veggie mac n cheese is new so I'll at least give you that.

Grill baskets, really?
Make up Wipes? can't believe it.

but what can i say you still have the very first ever clinique soap holder. ;)

Darcy said...

grill baskets??!! what? amazing...
i second that with veggie mac and cheese!

donatelli98 said...

I'm with Fitz - grill baskets and makeup removers??? C'mon on Casey - y'all are on the go so much I would have thought you knew about those. The veggie mac and cheese I have not seen ... will have to try it out.

Kristen said...

Love you to death, but do you live under a rock??? Hahaha. I love those make up wipes. Couldn't live without them. And grilling baskets? Such a win.

Nate, Abbey, Noah, Blaire and Tatum said...

I'm with ya on the make up wipes. Knew they were out there but my friend offered me one and I fell in love.