Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Two Elementary Kids

It was a big day.  Big.

Carter took off first, with his dad for the first time since starting school.  Blake had to work and couldn't be there to walk Jack in, so he took Carter instead. 

With Laine, before leaving......

Then, it was Jack's turn. 

Of course, he asked to wear a tie to "be handsome".

God, I love this kid.

LC felt left out in many ways today, so I was quick to indulge her wishes, including a solo pic of her and Lamby.

Then, she took the camera.

Yep, that looks about right.

I made the dire mistake of including the red/white gingham dress in two options for Laine this morning. 

The significance didn't occur to me until she said, "Yes.  Dat one.  So we can be twins."

Mommy and Daughter dressing alike.  It was a new low.  But, again, I indulged.  Only two comments at the school.

Hey!  I kinda look like a Mom here!

Jack is button happy.

Hence the progression.

"Give me the camera, Jack!"

Time to go.  No tears yet.

These two are very proud of their backpacks.

Please don't miss the matching lunch box that clips on.  Jack is super impressed with this set up.

My precious Kindergartner.  The world is not ready.  But, it's coping, I think.

We got there early, turned in some paperwork to the office and then toured the grounds a little bit.  I got permission to peak into Carter's classroom since I missed him this morning.

He saw us at the door quietly waving......and then with about 50% affection and 50% feigned annoyance, remarked, "Dorks!" to his classmates. 


Time to go in.  Jackie found his name tag first.

Laine and I stayed for about 45 minutes, getting acquainted with his teacher and the classroom rules.

Finally, it was time to say 'goodbye'. 

Breaks my heart.  My two little buddies are on their own.  Lainey has spent nearly every single day with Jack since she was born.  This is Jack's first time to do something on his own.  It didn't phase him.  He waved at us and walked right in.

Lainey cried first.

Then, I did.

After 'girls day' at home......something I've actually been looking forward to for a long time.....(more on that later)......we returned to the school to pick up our boys. 

"Where's my brudder?!"

Jack walked out with his dog ears on, took his place on the black top and waited as he was told to do.  Upon seeing me, he shouted, "Wook, Mom!  We're s'posed to be dogs.  Ha ha."

Thank you, Jack.

Of course, after exiting Kindergarten and being asked for a picture, he remembered his grumpy face.  Keepin' it real.

And, they finally saw each other.  It was super sweet.

And, big brother, too!

Hugs all around.

I dragged Carter through the campus to take his obligatory 'first day of school' picture at his desk that I do each year.

Wasn't that long ago that this kid started Kindergarten.  Pictures and post here.

Check out his name on the desk.  Already made the "C" into a wave with a surfer.  Cute.

My grade school kiddos. 

So proud.

 Those are my boys.

We had a great day. 

Here's to an awesome 2011-2012 school year!


Vincent Family said...

LOVE Jack! He has such a fun little personality and his tie is KILLING me. HA!HA! I hope you girls had a fun day.

Pam Bowers said...

It just can't be school time yet!!! I hate how summer seems to fly by so fast.

I loved yours and Laineys "matching" dresses. And I LOVED Jack's tie.

Kittie Flyn said...

Oh sweet! I love the photos. The one of you walking towards the camera made me laugh a lot for some reason.
It's so great that Jack and Lainey are so close. That's such a special relationship!
They are all such hams - I always feel cheerier when I see your updates.

Jodee said...

Oh my word! So much cuteness in this post! It looks like everyone had a great day and I love, love, love the matching dresses!

Sarah said...

I must say, while I love the backpack/lunchbox combo (way to go, Jack), I'm a little surprise the motif of choice is dinosaurs and not trains!

love the first day of school post. makes me a little sad that this will be my first fall without school...

The Rand's said...

Love Jack and his sweet tie! And Carter just looks all grown up. We have 5th graders! What the what?!?!

Hope you and Lainey had a fun girls day!

Dee Stephens said...

I have a tear in my eye. Such a GREAT,GREAT,GREAT post Casey!
So awesome that they allowed Lainey to come into the classroom and be included for a bit.
It's also presh that Jack wore that tie all day long!! This post is a keeper!

donatelli98 said...

Jack cracks me up!! This will be great for your middle child!! So sweet that LC cried too!

Matching dresses - nice!

Quinn, Allison, Rylee and Cailyn McNamara said...

Looks like it was a huge success! You and Laine look like you should be on the front of a magazine or something (: And O. M. G. Look at little Carter! Can't believe how time flies! I can just picture him calling you dorks while secretly being so happy to see you guys.

Monica said...

LOVE the tie! Can't wait until he's older and looks back at these pictures. So precious!

Kelly Beatty said...

Love it. I love Carter's name thingy. Artsy too!

I like you trying to get your camera back and Jack laughing at being a dog. He's a trip.

Enjoy your girls time! What were the comments people made, Twinkie?

starnes family said...

Just a couple of teachers remarking on us matching:, "Yall should be in an ad together. So cute!"

Or something like that. I tried to walk 6 feet ahead of her, but she caught up.

Allyson and Dave said...

Your kids just keep getting cuter and cuter. They are beautiful blonde and tanned California kids!

Chell said...

The tie was an adorable touch! Enjoy your girl time :)

Miss Sweet Tea said...

Oh my goodness, so sweet! I love Jack & Lainey loving on each other! Glad you guys had a good first day back to school (I can't believe it's already that time)!

Have a good weekend!

Miss Sweet Tea said...

Oh, and I completely forgot to mention the matching outfits...hilarious! My mom used to for real dress us up alike. I'm glad that stopped.

But you two are adorbs! :)

FROGGITY! said...

I just teared up at L and J!! AWW. And Carter looks so grown up. LOVING THE TIE AND THE MATCHING GIRL GETUPS! You all are adorable. Glad it was such a special day.

Shannon said...

Damn you - made me tear up. I love quirky little Jack but canNOT believe he's already in kindergarten. He was JUST BORN.

As a mom of a kid just a year younger than Carter, I have to say that he's a giant (in a maturity way; not a BMI way). He looks more like a 7th grader than a 5th grader.

"I tried to walk 6 feet ahead of her, but she caught up." <- Awesome. You kill me.

Julie {Angry Julie Monday} said...

Too cute! And I love the matching mother and daughter dresses...soo southern {giggle}

Kim said...

What a great post! Jack looks very handsome with this tie, I am sure he impressed. Carter looks like an old pro, I look the creativity with the surfer. I also like the matching dresses!

aunt caroline said...

I was NOT ready to read this post. Makes me so happy and sad at the same time.

Mama Deb said...

I loved this post. You are so blessed, and that's a whole lot more religious-sounding than this girl usually gets! But really and truly--the bond between your children is just beautiful and makes my heart happy. My B would love to be smooshed in between Laine and Jack's happy sibling hug. He so desperately wants a brother or sister to bond with like that. So wonderful and sweet!