Friday, December 23, 2011

Pa's Visit, A Living Nativity Scene, School Parties and our Christmas Card

Sick of the Starnes family yet?

Just you wait.

Some random stuff........

The little ones have taken to grabbing a marker and immediately labeling any box that arrives at our house.  The bigger, the better.  Thus, Lainey's name on the small one here (written by Jack) and his on the big one.

Pa's visit was super fun, but I failed to bring my camera on night one.  We went to his condo, checked out the darling mini-village of Christmas cottages, ice rinks, etc......all miniature in the hotel lobby.  Such a precious place to stay.

Oh, and look who is holding Finn McMissle.  Pa.  He loves cats.

We went to Carter's basketball game.  Laine worked on her cheerleader moves.

He's just so damn good.  At really any sport he tries.  Makes a mama proud.

Christmas from Pa and Mae Mae!  Carter has been staring at this box since it arrived on the front door step.

Jack, in anticipation for tball in the spring, received a bat bag, bat (God help us), balls, glove, wiffle bat and balls, etc, etc.  He's all set!

Kindle Fire, baby!  And, this kid will use the hell out of it.  Thus far, he's read nearly 700,000 words and already doubled the goal that was set for him in the 4th grade.  Who knew this kid would end up being a book nerd?

Mae Mae found these adorable head bands complete with her name!  How cute is that?!

This doll house was recommended by Britney and I'm so glad she suggested it.  Both little ones are loving it.

Blake's big gift to his family was a slide show set to music of our family vacation to Destin.  It was awesome.

Moving on to the Nativity Scene at Preschool.  Our precious Rylee was Mary.  As I told Allison, I'm not sure which is more ironic.....Rylee playing Mary or Lainey playing an angel.

Angel or devil?

Angel.  Most of the time.

Here is Laine laughing at Rylee's daddy who spends most of time bugging the kids.  Which I love.

After the play.......cookies and drinks.

Jack's party was the next day.  PJs and fun!

We snuck into Carter's classroom to humiliate him with my wearing holiday-appropriate patterned tights.

I'd like to say that he secretly loves it. 

But, he doesn't.

Doesn't stop me!

Always twirling Laine.  The poofier the dress, the better.

My sweet littles.  Best friends and arch enemies.

And, finally...........our Christmas card.  I think most of you receive one, but if you don't, please email me and I'll get one to you today! 

Yall know we don't do 'normal' cards, so beware.

Waiting on Lainey to nap and then we might be out to Legoland for their Snow Days celebration.  She seems to have the little cough Jack had.  Hope she feels better soon. 

Yall ready?  What's left on your list?


Impulsive Addict said...

Shame on you for embarrassing him.

Ok, Lainey is wearing some adorable outfits. I WANT TO GET SOME! Share some info with your hoochie friends.

Merry Christmas!

Jodee said...

Love, love, love your holiday tights!

Your card arrived today. Thank you sooo much! It gave me a good laugh!

Nothing left on our list -- except put together a ping pong table!

Brittny said...

Quick question, will Jack's teammates know that he still wear footi pajamas b/c he might need to use that bat for protection if they do find out. OR he could just let the wrath of Lainey lose on them. If she's anything like Sophie (and we know she is), then she could easily beat the crap out of them. With one hand tied behind her back. Your family is adorable and thank you for always giving me a laugh and making me feel like I'm not the only crazy mom out there!

Amy said...

LOVE the Christmas card, Casey! I'm so impressed by Carter and his reading. I never discovered the joys until after college! (Hence my AWESOME grades through school. Not.) Have a WONDERFUL holiday & consider this my card, as I am not nearly as on the ball as you and slacked off my cards this year. Boo, hiss for this underachiever! Cheers & Hugs to you and the family!

Pam Bowers said...

Merry Christmas Starnes!

starnes family said...

Jack actually ASKED for the footed pjs. They work nicely here in California, oddly, because we don't always use the heater, so we know they're comfy even then.

The Lenzers said...

should have stuck little devil horns on LC for her angel debut. I totally got left off the card list, you suck!

M.R. said...

Where did you get those tights? I LOVE them!!

Wiz said...

He excels at sports AND loves to read?? Sounds like the perfect kid!! Hope you had a great Christmas and New Years!