Monday, December 26, 2011

Pretty Much The Best Stuff To Come Out Of 2011

(Note:  It's entirely possible that many or all of these things were created years ago and I'm just now discovering them.  I'm slow like that.)

Suri's Burn Book

My new fave.  Written in first person "Suri", she dishes on celeb kids and tears them to shreds. 

Link here.


This girl is crazy with a capital C and funny as hell.

And, she created this:

Link here.

STFU, Parents

The author of STFU is not scared to point out over-sharing.  Like about your kid's bathroom habits.  Sometimes too much IS simply too much, people.

Link here.


Not a website. Just a sign. Sweet justice. 

Link here.

Flash Sale Sites

Did they explode this year or is it just me?

Living Social
Plum District
Rue La La

Sometimes I'm afraid to leave the house.  What if I miss out on a deal?!


This girl has the perfect amount of snark and hidden agenda, distinguishing the real photogs from the fauxs.  And, she's just about the cutest thing ever. 

Link here


And, finally......what I'm dreading about 2012.

The entirely possible and expected 'hiatus' of Widespread Panic.

Since I'm now blocked from posting on their Facebook site (something about 'stalking'....blah, blah, blah), I invite you to petition for their continuing tours.  I know they've played their hearts out for 25 years.  But, if JB goes into retirement, I will likely turn into one of those weirdo hippies who mourned Jerry's death for years, dressing in tie-dyes & Birks & long wispy skirts, smelling of patchouli and selling hemp jewelry to college kids at concerts.

Help a sister out, peeps!


Dee Stephens said...

As my co-worker,friend and die-hard Panic fan says..
They aren't really going on hiatus.
They are playing Charlotte for NYE but of course we have a wedding up in Baltimore and won't be attending :(

aunt caroline said...

Why haven't you told me about these links?!?!? You're a bad sister. Now, excuse me while I drink my coffee in my jammies and surf for the next hour!

Shannon Albert said...

Good list. I'll add some suggestions: - Funny autocorrects. Only site to consistently make me literally LOL

My Drunk Kitchen - video series of a girl who gets drunk and cooks and she's hilarious

Regretsy - all the most cringeworthy stuff found on Etsy

If I think of more, I'll come back and add them later.

Sara said...

Whoever told you about MODG is an awesome friend.

starnes family said...

I know! I love Coco!

Sara said... credit!

Allyson and Dave said...

Suri makes me laugh everytime. I think if I ever met her and she was not like that I would be disappointed.

We loved your Christmas card!! Dave got the mail and he walked in the house laughing asking me who are these kids that don't like eachother? We then decided that is the kind of cards we want when we have kids.

Darcy said...

um yea, you just made my day with Suri's burn book! I was DYING laughing in my chair! Best ever? her xmas list.
thanks again :-)

Anonymous said...

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