Friday, April 13, 2012


One of the perks of moving across the country is the opportunity to meet all sorts of friends.  We have made very special connections in every place we've lived......with friends and family.......and cherish the time spent with so many important people in our lives.

With that happiness comes the difficult part of saying goodbye.  It's usually us moving and saying goodbye.....but in this case, the McNamaras are off to Sacramento in a few weeks.  We've done everything we can by begging them to stay......even offering the gazebo for shelter! 

(I kid.  Unless they'd do it.)

They have family in the area, so I know they'll visit.  And, we plan to do the same.  But, it's the day-to-day contact that I'll miss the most.  Car pooling, ballet, sneaking kids into Legoland, birthday partes, Disneyland, family visits and more. 

Even Costco trips with 5 kids.  I'll miss that, too, Allison!
I'm drawing on my history with Jillian for strength......we've become even closer, oddly enough, with the miles put between us.  I know the same will be for Allison and me.

She brought me this book recently.  Tears were flowing.  We all laughed as we read through it.  Thought I would share: 

I will likely be a mess over the next several weeks.  Please just pretend like it's the norm (as if it isn't!) and humor me. 


caroline said...

I love this book. What a great gift and a beautiful friendship.

M.R. said...
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M.R. said...

I'm sorry you're sad! :-(
Just remember true friends are never far away!

Miss Sweet Tea said...

I know it will be hard for all of you guys! But like you said, you will continue to nurture and grow your friendship, even with the distance - it's important to maintain those friendships, not all of them are as special as yours and Allison's is. What a lucky lady you are!

Jodee said...

Boo hoo! I could cry for you! So sorry to read this! What a fabulous photo album full of great memories!

Kelly Beatty said...

That book is the sweetest thing. What a wonderful gift.

donatelli98 said...

That is so sweet!! Such great memories!!

Jillian Bennett said...

they can have the gazebo, but i still get the shed.

Wiz said...

Awww :( I completely know how you feel. Its tough to leave or see a friend leave. Thinking about you!

Kim said...

Definately a happy-sad post, it is so hard to say good-bye especially with lives so intertwined. What an amazing gift to remember your time together though.

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