Friday, April 20, 2012


Pretty random today.

Mrs. Becca, the little punks' former preschool teacher, had a bebe recently.

Oh, she's so, so tiny.

8 pounds here.  She's 3 weeks old.  Her name is Bay.  Love that.

McNamara girls joined us for a visit and to snuggle with Bay.

Mrs. Becca was Lainey, Jack and Rylee's first teacher.  Big part of their lives!  We will always remember her.

Little punkin has to wear the harness due to her position while being breech.  Might be off soon......or later......time will tell.

Carter adored her, as he does all babies.  I've never seen an 11 year old boy with such a love for little ones.  He has such a big heart.

You know Lainey loved her.  It was such a fun visit.  Hoping to have them back next week for dinner.  I failed to get a picture of Ricky.......Becca's husband......they are the cutest couple.

Been meaning to post about the crayon art we did a few weeks ago.  From Pinterest, of course.

A few tips:

Wear an old shirt/pants.  The wax splatters.

Cover the ground or table under you.  It's messier than you'd think.

Cheaper crayons seemed to work better than Crayola. 

We used tacky glue to attach the crayons to flat canvas and then a hair dryer to melt the wax.  This is one of the 3 pieces we created.  Lots of fun and way easier than I had anticipated!

I recently went through the house to remove the children's artwork that they so graciously adorn our walls with.

I simply can't take this one down, though.  Look at all the effort he put into the train and then attached his photo in the "conductor's" seat.

I love that kid.

Things have been stressful around the Starnes casa lately.  More on that eventually.

My sweet neighbor brought me this jasmine plant to cheer me up.

She is such a gem.  I don't see how people make it through life without good friends.
Finn has been playing dress up lately.

Do you think this Rapunzel dress makes her look fat?

Been getting lots of snuggles lately, too.

Had Open House recently.  Jackie was all too proud to show off his classroom and playground.

Carter?  Less enthused.  In all fairness, he had a slight fever.  Poor guy.  Didn't stop him from begging me to play soccer, of course.  To which, I declined.

Bow ties are the newest trend.  Did you know?

Aunt Caroline sent Jack 15 of these beauties.

In 3 days, he's managed to wear each of them.

To school.

He's sharing them, too.

Carter even wore one to school.  In jest, of course, but he did it. 

All day. 

Today, he (Carter) wore one again and brought one for his best friend to wear.

Take notes, people!  It's catching on!

Lots ahead:

*Beach day with McNamaras tomorrow.

*Bigfoot party is coming together weekend is the big day!

*Planting seeds with the little ones.

*Ballet and tap practice - recital isn't far away!

*Summer activities need to be scheduled:  soccer for Jack and surf camp for Carter.

Hope yall have a good weekend!


Jo said...

Love the bow ties!
Have a great weekend!

Brittny said...

So fun!!! I love the bowties. And that train totally reminds me of something Christopher would make, and has made. I'll have to show him jack's idea. Sweet little baby too! Lots of friends having them, so I'm getting to love on them. Off now, sick kid and one in time out to deal with.

donatelli98 said...

Love the look on Carter's face at Open House! Classic!!!
Cute cute pic of Blake and Jack in their bow ties!

Nicky said...

Sorry to hear things are stressful right now. Hopefully things get better real soon.

Your kids are the cutest. Carter is always so sweet with other kids. A big heart indeed! And Jack is a total original. Love the train artwork and the bow ties. Laney is a beauty with such an adorable personality. You must be so proud.

Hang in there!

Jodee said...

Oh my word! I love, love, love the bow ties! Jack is such a hoot!

Sorry to hear things are stressful. I can completely relate! This spring has been a zoo! I fear summer is only going to be worse! UGH!

Heidi DeGroot said...

Sorry to hear things are stressful. I hope that everything is better soon. I agree and don't know how people make it without such good friends. We found out one week ago that we will be moving. Such a hard thing to do with a great neighborhood and good friends. Love the bowties! I bet Lainey could totally rock one in girl colors/patterns:) Thanks for continuing to update even though you are stressed. Did you know stressed spelled backwards is desserts??? I take that as meaning: Eat as much chocolate and coffee as you like! Have fun at the beach tomorrow!

Kristen said...

I hope you know how much your posts make me smile. Not sure how to explain it without sounding creepy but I just love how many amazing things your family does. And your kiddos amaze me. Always. Those bowties? I die. So precious. And baby Bay?? My heart melts. She is so beautiful. And tiny. And Quinney is so darn big already... how does that happen?? Love all her dark hair too. She is simply perfect.
Finn in the Rapunzel dress? Sweet baby Jesus... I almost peed my pants. Fantastic stuff.
And I too wonder how I would survive this thing called life without friends. I just don't know if I would quite honestly.
Hope everything's okay...

Tutus and Choo-Choos said...

Hope things quiet down for you to stop and take a deep breath. Love the bow ties!

Susan said...

Does Bay have dysplasia? If so, tell her mommy she will be just fine. It tends to run in families. My grandmother and I were born with it.

The bow ties are great. You need to work on getting him holiday ones.

Dee Stephens said...

Hope everything is okay! Email or text me!
OMG! I noticed the bow tie in that first picture with Carter in the background.
I thought. What the heck is that all about! So funny and cute all at the same time.
I also appreciate the picture of Carter looking less enthused!

Merry Mack said...

Now, I'm all worried about what the stress is about.

I tell you, that Carter is a gem and so is his Daddy wearing bow ties with Jack! I love it.

Baby Bay is beautiful. Did you know that Bay is the middle child in Momma to the A's middle name? Love it.

Maybe Carter will do something with children when he grows up.

Your cats are good sports.

timmonstimes said...

Enjoyed catching up on your blog! Cute cute kiddos with lots of fun things going on - as always!

Wiz said...

Your family seems to have so much fun together. And oh my gosh, I LOVE Carter's face. Such a teenager face! Great pictures :)

Monica said...

Jack is totally going to start a new trend. I just know it.