Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Lots of Scoop - What a Weekend

Mike returned from 7 months in Afghanistan and across the globe.  Thank God for his service and for the United States Marine Corps!  It was awesome to see the reunions........reminded me a lot of my little brother's deployment to Iraq eons ago.  

Seeing the kids re-unite with Daddy brought tears.  It was awesome.

Holly had her crew decked out in Kelly's Kids apparel.  I will be buying one of those monogrammed sashes for Laine.  How precious?!

We were there early in the morning, so the anthem began and then the USMC song.  So moving.

So happy to see the family back together!

Kids made signs and were all ready for his return.

He's the third bus in.........so wonderful to see these guys return safely to the United States.

I'm out of order today, so please be patient.

We rode the train to Old Town on Saturday to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.  Beautiful weather and San Diego.  Can't beat it.  Put a blanket down in the parade grounds and let the kids play hacky sack and run like wild.

Me:  "Kids, line up for a picture."

Carter:  "Really, mom?  We LIVE HERE!"

Quiet down, son.

Love the train ride.  Drinks are permitted.  Beautiful views of the Pacific.

It was unusually crowded due to Cinco de Mayo AND a Padres game.  

Pretty wild bunch.

Friday night brought us to Carter's school for their last production as 5th graders......a musical called "Go West".

Here is Carter with his good friend, Christian, and little ones.

Pre-production and with his current favorite book.  Besides Hunger Games, of course.

OK, so the day of the play brought me north to the Long Beach marina to visit with bloggie friends.

They were on their annual trip and I busted up the party.

My goal was to see these two:


They were just as I had expected.  Loved them.

Met lots of other great girls, too.  I love blogging.

Finally, this may be my most favorite piece yet.  I put it on MLS's Facebook page if you're interested.  Simple and sweet.  Makes me smile.

Pa is in town this week and we're elated about that!

Blake recently mentioned that he wants to take the kids to Europe within in the next 5 years.

Think Griswolds.  I know we can do it.  Kids will be of perfect age........9, 11, and 16.  Too early to start planning?


Off to car pool.  Because I live in my car these days.



Mama Sue said...

What a fun and busy life you have! The highlight of my week is being happy that today the temps never got above 72...you've lived here so you know! I think your kids are so cute! You know, Sydney and Carter are the same age...well close, she will be 12 in July. So hard to believe. Someday we may come to your area..I have quite a bit of family in Sand Diego and Rick's best friend lives there too!

Dee Stephens said...

great posts with all sorts of tidbits!
Love the welcome home celebration! Always brings tears to my eyes!
So fun that you got to meet IA!!!
Can't wait to see you in 2 months!!

donatelli98 said...

See the soldiers come home is one of the best experiences of my life! I remember when my brother came home and watching the men all lined up on the ship - amazing! Thank you Davidges for your service and sacrifices!

.Sass.Jane. said...

Cracking up.

The Lenzers said...

super cute dress in your lunch pics with the bloggy friends. proud to be an american!!!!

Kelly Beatty said...

This post is AWESOME. Welcome home Mike! I can't get over how grey Mike's hair is....so grown up! Love Jack's shirt. Tell Mike, Holly & the kids "Thank you for your service" for me. Love ya'll.

Jodee said...

So glad your friend is home safe and sound! We are thankful for his service.

Train to Old Town for Cinco de Mayo?! Yes, please! Will you pretty please adopt our family? You guys have soooo much fun! I know we would fit right in!

Impulsive Addict said...

Yaaaay! I made the blog post! How exciting! It was nice to finally meet you since I've been reading you since I started blogging. It was about damn time. I'm still smiling from my trip...or from the gas that I keep passing. Both make me happy!

Wiz said...

Aggghhh, you are going to have a MIDDLE SCHOOLER next year! :)

Love the homecoming pictures. My brother has been to Iraq and Afghanistan. It was always so relieving to have him home. And was that four kids I saw?? His wife is a saint. I know she is glad to have him home!

Kristen said...

For the record, everything about your family makes me smile. And especially Jack. Can't explain it. He just makes me happy.
And Lainey looks way grown up all of a sudden. When did that happen?