Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Totally Random Scoop

Leg warmers in the sand.  Who knew?

We flew a very large kite on one of our recent beach visits.

Kite flying is hard work.

Carter prefers to relax and not really concern himself with if it is going to fall on a family of 4 sitting behind us.

Jack received this seersucker blazer from Diane, one of Caroline's good friends.

Promise he loves it.  It's people he doesn't care for.

Every morning, we go through this routine.  Lainey lays out 3-4 outfits and we peruse our options.

She is such a girl.  

Fire pit at the neighbor's recently.

We're so lucky to have such great people close to us.

Jack learned to shot gun a soda recently.

His words:

Hey, wook, Mom. I bighted da side of da can and it comes out way faster. Waine can do it, too. 
LSU fraternities, line up.

A few people asked how we made our Bigfoot prints.

It was the usual flour (2 cups), salt (1 cup) and water (1 cup).  This can be used for all sorts of activities.....hand prints, Christmas ornaments, and more.

Cook at 200 degrees for approximately 2 hours, depending on the size of your shapes.

Got snails?

They're winning the war.

Jack received 2 of these dino shirts from Pa and Mae Mae for his birthday.  Love them.  When he puts his arms together, they turn into the bite of whatever dinosaur is on his shirt.

See it?  Chomp.  Chomp.

These people live down the street from us.  

Even though we have no interest in buying a house anytime soon (or ever again if the market doesn't improve), I will be all over this one when/if it goes on the market.

Can you imagine this drive in each day?

 These flowers are all over southern California right now.  They grow wildly on the side of the highways.  It looks like pink snow.....almost blinding in some areas.

Have I mentioned how much I love San Diego lately?

One more thing.  I'm officially that mom that I never said I would be.

Look what Lainey is wearing.  I'm all about mis-match, but this is a big FAIL.

Jack's bow tie?


Stuff coming up:

*Carter's big play at school.

*Dance recital costume fittings.  Lord help me.

*Much needed Disneyland trip.  Sales are down.  Starnes family hasn't been there in over a month.

*Pa's visit!

Back soon, peeps. 


Jodee said...

Love this random post! Jack is soooo handsome! As always, I am drooling over the beach pictures!

Hope you have a great week!

donatelli98 said...

Love the seer sucker! Yes the mis match at the end is a big fail!!

Impulsive Addict said...

You didn't mention what you're doing on the gazebo right now.

No to the blazer and the bow tie. NO. But he sure is cute!

Mama Sue said...

Your kids are so cute and funny. I love Jack's face! Sydney got one of her costumes last week and it is to die for. Mayfest is Friday so we will have pics!

Dee Stephens said...

Can't wait to come visit!!

The Lenzers said...

those pink flowers are amazing

Jo said...

Your kids are great! Love the leg warmers at the beach LoL!
O and your random post is totally entertaining, thanks!

Wiz said...

Jack shot gunning a soda = HILARIOUS! And I love how girly Lainey is.

Emmy said...

Oh those flowers are so beautiful! And yes, I love this time of year when they are just popping up everywhere.

And yea, we all say we are never going to be one of those moms but sometimes it is easier just to be one. :)

It was nice meeting you Friday!

Kelly Beatty said...

Carter is so funny/smart with that kite. We see that a LOT here in Pensacola...but with fishing from the pier. Love "random" scoops.