Friday, July 26, 2013

21 Hours

It's not easy being a child of mine.

(Or a spouse.....just ask Blake.....he took this day off.)

Here's a sample of less than a day in the life.

We started out at noon with ice cream (after lunch) at Pepper Tree in Vista, CA.

Old school, been around for 50 years, nostalgic stop just minutes from our house.  Yum.

Cruised down to Balboa Park for an art walk.

Toured about 1/10th of the fabulous Balboa Park.  We have so much to explore......this place is amazing.  My next project.

Railroad Museum.

This just in: Jack still loves trains.

And out to the lily pad.  

Quick tour of the Timken Museum of Art.

Jack spied a naked statue of a man and it was all downhill from there.

Back to the lily pad.

Botanical Gardens.

More walking.

Some unannounced education on civil rights.

And, a discussion on the growth of trees and roots.

The Organ Pavilion.

The Visitor Center.

And, mom stopping every 2 minutes to photograph the amazing intricate designs of buildings.

They couldn't have cared less.

Back to the.....oh, you know by now.

A brief stop at the science museum.

Some day dreaming about our next proposed membership.

A quick consideration for alternate transportation.

Mom said no.

And, we were in off in search of the mushroom house.

Link HERE.

Spoiler alert: We never found it.

But, I shopped for houses while looking.

I prefer those with a view like this.

A hike at a Scripps Coastal Reserve.

Some waving to the very brave people up in the air.

"Can we do it, mom?"

Not today.

More real estate shopping.

And, a pause to thank God we live here.

An education (always....whether they like it or not) on where we are.

And, as always, some entertainment.

A drive through Bird Rock and our old stomping grounds from vacation in La Jolla prior to the big move out west in 2010.

And, finally to the zoo.

Spotted some peacocks in the trees.  Nighttime zoo brings out some crazy animal behavior.

A skyfari ride.

And, some exhibits that we hadn't seen before.

A brief talk with this sweet elephant.....and a demo on how he drinks water.

Some comparison on life today and long ago.

A re-enactment on the Geico commercial we can't get enough of these days.

Hump daaaaaaay!

The sun set and the lanterns turned on.

And, we rode the skyfari again.

Arrived home to sleep.

And, wake again at 5am, per Carter's request, for some sunrise surfing.

The world was still asleep.

And, the usual very busy beach was quiet and peaceful.

As was Jack.

Lainey got a surf lesson.

Jack and I stayed back to rest.

We discussed the life of a sea fisherman.

And grabbed breakfast on the way home.


A nap was in order.

Time to rest.


Monica said...

These kids have it so good! You are a wonderful mom. They have already been places and done things at such a young age that most people never experience in their life! #awesome

Tutus and Choo-Choos said...

I hope Jack never outgrows his love of trains! I would have been exhausted after all of that in one day.

If the shoe FITZ said...

How do they make it in just flip flops. I've got to have tennis shoes.
Seriously, exhausted. Do they just pass out when ya'll get home. I assume they sleep well. Sheesh.

Lauren W said...

This makes me tired. I want a nap after reading it.

Side note- the beautiful theatre you took a picture of was performing Guys and Dolls! You know I will get stuck on a theatre picture. Go see it!!! Seriously. In my top 3 shows of all times. The kids will love it. Many of the songs in it are the ones I sing to my kids on a daily basis.

Unknown said...

Love Balboa Park so much. I cooked up this whole entire history in my head...I made up that it was a Spanish Mission from the olden days. Turns out it was built specifically for what it is used for today; to house museums and other cultural and botanical displays. But that's cool. It's still beautiful and an awesome place to spend multiple days!

There is also a ton of it on the East and West side too! Dog parks, croquet, cactus garden, rose garden, multiple playgrounds. Delicious restaurants....fabulous!

Unknown said...
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Kay Dattilio said...

Awesome Pictures and family! They are so cute as they grow! PS You too!

Kay Dattilio said...

Awesome Pictures and family! They are so cute as they grow! PS You too!

Jodee said...

What a fun outing! Love the real estate pictures!

Jo said...

I can't believe how much there is to do around there!

Love that building, it is amazing!

Dee Stephens said...

I'm tired just from reading! How in the world do your kids get in that freezing water!!? ;0