Friday, July 05, 2013

Caroline's Visit - Day 2

Day 2 included a late afternoon trip to Ocean Beach.

First up, Hodad's.

Carter tackled the double bacon again!

Next, tide pools!

Laine sported a grass skirt, compliments of Caroline.  She's in heaven.

Somehow, we happened upon this park bench.  Perfect seating for the show.

Set up camp and prepared for fireworks.

Ocean Beach might be the best people watching in San Diego County.

Fireworks were spectacular from the pier.  It was so cool seeing the surfers hanging out in the ocean underneath the glow.

Why marshmallows?  For a fight on the beach that started 25 years ago.  Two families had a playful match one year that escalated the next year and the next and the next.  It's now become an Ocean Beach tradition.

A messy one!

Kids went nuts.  It's crazy fun.  

The aftermath.....

The casualty.  My beloved Reefs broke when my flip flop got stuck to the ground when walking.  It's THAT messy and sticky.

I walked back to the car with one bare foot.  Gross.

I recommend OB for the 4th, but leave your inhibitions at home.  It's a wacky place.  Bourbon Street meets Haight Ashbury meets SoCal.  

We're laying low today.....and over the weekend......and then leave for vaca on Monday.  

Can't wait!


Tutus and Choo-Choos said...

Never, Never, Never seen such a huge marshmallow fight!

Unknown said...

So, you blew out another slippah. Where were your moccasins when you needed them? Have fun in Palm Springs!

Jodee said...

Oh my word! What a fun night! Cute pictures!