Thursday, July 04, 2013

Caroline's Visit - Day 1

She arrived yesterday morning.  

Always so special when we first see her at the airport.  

Since we were already in San Diego, we enjoyed a picnic at Mission Bay before heading to the fair.

Waters are so waves in the bay.  

It was pretty hot, so we cooled off indoors at the Reuben H Fleet Science Museum in Balboa Park for a while.

Shadow play. Laine was feeling left out.

Nice, Jack.

Love Balboa Park.

Chic Lainey.

Finally made it to the fair late afternoon.

Got to ride the double decker bus.  Kids were not in favor of my counting this as one of the two rides they're allowed to ride.

Aunt Donna and I texted for a bit as she was making her way from La Jolla north.  She told me to tell Jack she saw him on the bus.  Jack was all smiles.  :)

The San Diego County Fair is similar to the Texas State Fair.  

Texas represent!

Lainey shopped for groceries and made healthy choices in Albertson's mock up market.  Similar to the cute exhibit at the State Fair of Texas Carter enjoyed so many years ago.

Very popular pig races!

The fair was fun, but I'm over it.  Like, over it for good.  Maybe several years from now, we'll try again.  Here's why: It's expensive, dirty, exhausting and everyone leaves unhappy.  Two rides are never enough......and I refuse to pay for anymore than that.  There are fun parts.....but I think we'll pass moving forward.  And, stick with Disneyland instead!

We're at home until this afternoon when we set out for Ocean Beach.  Hodad's for an early dinner, tide pools, beach time and fireworks on the pier.

After that......marshmallow fight!

Happy 4th, peeps.  Enjoy your celebration!


Tutus and Choo-Choos said...

I have never seen sheep wrapped up like that. We love the fair at our house. We even go to more than one fair, but the kids only get to ride at one fair.

Jodee said...

I completely feel your pain because we got stuck going to the San Diego fair the last time we were there! The food was amazing, however, I didn't go to San Diego to go to the freakin' fair! Bring on the beach!

Your 4th looked like so much fun! I love Lainey's grass skirt too!

Jo said...

I've never been to such a big fair, it's massive!

The bay looks like the sea here in Belgium, no waves :(

Monica said...

Texas! Holla! I agree, the fair is overrated. I'd MUCH rather be at Disney. Glad you all had a fun time though.

Cathy Doe said...

San Diego County Fair is the fifth largest County Fair in the USA. You need a whole day or more to see the exhibits. The purpose of a County Fair was for farmers to showcase their goods; the Home Arts section is extensive, as is the children's area on the infield.

There are many ways to get in for less than the standard admission (entering exhibits, entering contests, purchasing tickets before the Fair opens online, purchasing at Costco and purchasing at Albertsons). Also on Tuesdays, all food vendors have some item that is $2. Wednesdays are pay one price for rides day.

Look online at, under "tickets and promotions" to see lots of ways to pay less. County Fairs are an American tradition and truly a way to get back to basics.