Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Mega Scoop

Lots to catch up on!

Water balloons.....a summer time essential.

Here's the crew with balloons divided up and ready to throw.

And, this is how it ended.  No one saw that coming.

New beach trip - Stonesteps in Encinitas.

Very short set up between blanket and water.  

Frozen pineapple.  Best beach snack.

Meow joined us.

Latest Pinterest find.  I avoided Pinterest for about a year after I started and pinned 200 things that I never did anything with.  Took another look recently, cleaned out all unrealistic projects and started again.  I rarely pin a recipe now without using it.  And, I hope to use the rest of the ideas there one day, too.

Here I am on Pinterest.  I love it again!

Lainey asked me to babysit recently.  I was sure I wouldn't hear those words come out of her mouth for about 20 more years.  But, it happened.  

And, I watched her sand crabs while she played in the ocean.

The bluff on the beaches of Encinitas is beautiful.

Laine looks itty bitty here.

Hunky life guard did push ups and arm exercises while watching the water. Really, California?

 I'm starting to understand Baywatch more and more since moving here.

Martha's making friendship bracelets.  Who knew we were so hip?

Stairs going up after a long visit.  Somehow I carry about 100 pounds of gear up these each time.

McNamaras came to visit on Friday!

Girlies reunited.

Carter and Allison are just about the same height.  :)

Such a dear, sweet friend.  One of my first in California.

Current home project.  Working on the walls in Lainey's room.....more details below.

A preview:

One of the frames I planned to paint included this.  My neighbor sells art and gave me these frames to re-purpose.  I imagine this was a very special gift given to someone many years ago.  Couldn't paint over this part.  

Visited Grandview Beach with old friend, Julie.

Kids walked to Julie's house to retrieve another surf board about an hour into our day.

Lainey returned with a jet pack.  

Of course she did.

Part of a jelly fish washed up.  Kids are not allowed to touch them if they're whole.  This was obviously only a part.  So, my little explorers inspected it.  And, it's in my back yard now.

Julie and I finally got a picture together.  Friends since Schimelpfenig Middle School.  So fun to catch up!

Kelly and family enjoyed a staycation (hate that word) at The Grand Del Mar this week.  They invited the Starnes fam to crash their visit and swim at the pool.  The Grand is nothing short of grand.

Sweet girls matched without evening planning it!

I tried hard to keep track of Maggie Beau so Kelly could have a break here and there.  This is what that looked like most of the time.  Holding hands.  Climbing stairs.

So lucky to have Kelly and family so close.  Love those babies!

She is busy!

I'm nearly finished cleaning out and organizing our house top to bottom.  Every drawer, every cabinet, every inch.  It's exhausting.

With that came some furniture rearrangement and an upgrade for Laine's room.

Her loft bed is in place.  Here's a peak at her new gallery wall.

It's grown so much even since this photo.  Once we get the playhouse curtain for the bottom, I'll explain in details how we put it together.

I made this art to print and put on her wall.  One of my favorite verses.

Hope so much Laine follows this through life.

Finally, Caroline arrives in the morning!  We're beyond excited.  We made patriotic Rice Krispies in preparation for our picnic tomorrow at Mission Bay before the San Diego fair.....our answer to the Texas State Fair.

More to come!


Unknown said...

Love all the precious pics of MB! You are the fastest blogger on the bock. I can't wait to see Lainey's finished wall. Love ya!

Dee Stephens said...

How cute is that Maggie Beau.. she looks a lot like her Daddy too. Just like Shelbs!
Love Lainey's wall.. you're such a rock star mommy :-)

Tutus and Choo-Choos said...

Summer is definitely not complete without a water balloon fight and the meltdown that ends the fight (at least at our house).

donatelli98 said...

Miss you!! Looks like fun ... Wanting to come back and hang out with you again!!