Friday, September 27, 2013

Lainey's Closet Cleanout

Lainey's first major act of defiance is refusing to wear anything I like.  So, rather than watch these clothes sit in her closet, I'm cleaning it out.

All prices include shipping.....I've factored that in.

Cash, check or paypal for payment, please.

Email me if you're interested!

Matilda Jane Pants, Size 6 (never worn, no tags), $20 shipped

Matilda Jane Patchwork Floral Pants, Size 6 (worn once?), $20 shipped

Matilda Jane Pants, Size 4, $20 shipped

Pinky Tunic/Halter, Size 5T (worn once), $20 shipped

Berry Basics Dress, Size 4 (worn once), $20 shipped

Berry Basics Halter Dress, Size 4, $20

Matilda Jane Tank, Size 6, $15

Hand-sewn, no brand palazzo pants, Size 2-4, $10

 Matilda Jane Bubble Top, Size 6, $20

Tiny Made Tunic and Pants (2 small stains), Size 4, $20 shipped


Dee Stephens said...

cute stuff. You should post them on Instagram too.

k said...

i am jealous of your leather couch, that sounds heavenly!

Kay Dattilio said...

NO! Do not sell any of your kiddos stuff! Make quilts out of them because they will appreciate them when they get older! Just a suggestion!

Emmy said...

Dang all too small for my daughter

Leiah said...

I just sent this link to That Man's DIL. Those girls have a closet totally devoted to MJ. Get ready to ship lots of stuff to LA!