Thursday, September 12, 2013

Lainey's Disneyland Birthday

It was a magical day!

Laine started with school that morning.....all the kids had early release, thus the mid-week visit.

She sported her new Cinderella gear to school WITH HEALS.

Lots goes into a day at the park.

I pack fun lunches for the trip to Orange County.

Mickey shaped cheese?  Yes, please.

 Budget planned and money ready for the arcade.

Passes, too!

Drove north and parked.  As always, we take a picture of where we are in the garage, or we'll never remember!

Would you look at that?  Empty trams.  Such a pretty site.

She braved the park in heals.  So dedicated.

Almost time!

We had a Bibbidi Bobbidi  Boutique appointment for just after arriving.  Always so fun.


The boys watched in wonder.

Hair, makeup and crown, Mickey barrette, makeup and polish, brush, backpack and sash......still, in my opinion, one of the best values at the park.

And, she loves every minute.  Lainey would live at the spa if we let her.

The big reveal........notice Carter in the back on his phone.  :)

I hadn't planned on pictures in the back of the castle, but Lainey requested it.  Soon she'll be over the princess world, so we obliged.

Checking herself out after the makeover.

One of my favorite pictures from the day:

And, she goes out to show the boys.

On with our day!

Even the usually hideous praying mantis is cute at Disneyland.  She's pink!

Caroline called to hear about the princess makeover.

And, then we were off to ride.  Wait times were almost non-existent.  This is the one of the few uncrowded times for Disneyland.  The summer crowds are gone.....and most people are waiting for Halloween Time at the park, which starts September 13.  So, we enjoyed the short waits and rode a ton!

Cinderella had some trouble with her slippers here and there.

We eventually added socks and finally switched to Toms.  But, it wasn't until she was actually bleeding through her socks.  Lasted until nearly 6pm in heals.

Blake caught a nervous Lainey listening to the band sing her Happy Birthday in the French Market.

We ate Mickey shaped beignets.

Did a bit of shopping.  Jack is in heaven with all things Jack Skellington.

He had the shirt and hat.....added gloves this trip.

And, Lainey 'party crashed' the picture.

We walked RIGHT ON Pirates of the Caribbean.

And, we loved seeing all the orange peaking through, in anticipation for the approaching Halloween season.

Sweet Carter let the littles take one of his Vinylmations to trade in.  He still adores his collection and now Jack & Lainey are showing interest.

We ended the night with a ride on the Tower of Terror at California Adventure.  

 We all had a blast.  

Even Jack, despite his look here:

Time to go......such a fun day.

Kids slept in the car on the way home and woke on time for school.

Happy Disneyland Birthday, Lainey Caroline!


Jo said...

What a perfect day for a princess! Happy Birthday to Lainy

Unknown said...

Love the family pic and the black and white of Lainey. What a beautiful trip.

Jboo said...

Wow -- what a fabulous way to spend a birthday or any day!! We LOVE Disney and are planning at Easter break at Orlando -- the countdown has begun -only 7 months! That would be so fun to have no lines! Have a great week!

Dee Stephens said...

Fun, fun, fun day! Bleeding through her socks but she was persistant! Can't wait to see her when she's older!

Emmy said...

Yea! What a fun way to celebrate her birthday! So fun she got the whole princess treatment.

Have to love short lines! Though I have to admit, the over view shot of Main street- that would be a busy day at Knotts!

Monica said...

LOVE. Love it all. In some of these pics, Laine looks like Britney. Especially the one where she is clinging to your arm. What a fun birthday!