Monday, September 02, 2013

Catch Up

I've made a commitment to posting more now that I'm home childless during the day.  Working on it!

Tigers pulled out the win in usual LSU fashion.  It was tough to watch, but a win is a win!

And, of course, we made our mark on Dallas, as I knew we would.  Proud to be a Tiger.

This 7 year old kid read a 63 page chapter book the second week of 2nd grade.  He couldn't have been more proud.  Us, too!

Disneyland passes block us out for the summer, so we visited on Friday for our first time since May.  Always special.

Here we are prior to Space Mountain.  Laine's first time!

Lainey and I each got new ears.  She chose the bridal, of course.  

We thought Lainey would be terrified on Space Mountain.

Take a look at the action shot.  The rest of us were!

Not so terrified.  Crazy girl.

In tradition, we grabbed a sourdough to snack on.  Lightning McQueen!

Laine used chop sticks to eat stir fry, too.  

And, she drove Indiana Jones!

She's waited 2 years to ride this one.  Finally 46.5 inches tall......46 inches is the height requirement.  She was too little in May. Not now!

It's fun to see how our kids have grown.  When we arrived in San Diego, Lainey was a toddler......barely 3 years, she's a big girl.

A first for me......the Rapid Ride.  One of Carter's faves.

We were a yucky mess after.  Thank goodness I didn't even TRY to straighten my hair for this visit.

As expected, our beloved Haunted Mansion was shut down because it's transitioning to Jack Skellington's version.  Always a fun anticipation!

We'll be back next week for Laine's 6th birthday celebration.  Can't wait!

We visited Mission Bay on Sunday.  I'm not a big fan, but the kids love it.

Still waters.....allows for calmer paddle boarding.

We'll soon buy a real paddle board.  For now, the kids are using our Wave surf board.  Real paddle boards are much wider and made specifically for paddling.  

I love that our kids are athletic and pretty good at just about everything they try.  

"I'm king of the world!", Jack screamed when he got up the first time.

Notice him paddling through the crowds of people.....a pro already.

This week includes:

Flag football practice for Carter.  The league is having trouble forming teams, so this might not go through as planned.  We're still practicing like it might, though.

Pumpkin Patch scouting for me.  My photographer is taking our charity Halloween event outdoors this year.  Heading south to meet with a rep from an organic farm in San Diego.  

Gym shopping.  The YMCA wasn't as equipped as I had hoped.  Still looking.

Party planning for Lainey's Halloween Bash in October.

Fall decorating!


Dee Stephens said...

I bet Lainey was stoked about the ride! So fun! Love that she picked the bride ears. That would have been something I would have done at her age. :)
Great catching up the other night. Thanks for your constant support. XO

Tutus and Choo-Choos said...

You must be so proud of Jack and his reading! The smile on his face says it all.

Jo said...

Well done Jack!

Looks loads of fun to be you!

Jboo said...

Wow - love Disney but have only been to Disney World -- am sure Disney Land is awesome too. Space Mtn scares me to death!!

Wow -- that Jack is an athlete!

Emmy said...

What a fun week!! Love the Disney bride ears, too cute.
So awesome that Lainey was so brave on all the rides! So much fun when the kids like the rides.

Monica said...

Me and Lainey have matching ears now!

LOVE how proud Jack is of his reading and LOVE LOVE LOVE the pic of you and Carter. Hope that one's in a frame!

Becca Jane said...

Lainey's little dress is to die for! LOVE that I feel like I know you guys so much better now! Pure joy for me!