Friday, August 30, 2013

College Football

It's time!

I don't care for football or watching sports in general, but I do love the LSU Tigers!

Kiddos are ready to gear up:

Laine needs some new pom poms, but otherwise, we're set with gear my Aunt Mary sent the kids last year.  

I'm ready to see this stadium full again and hear the LSU fight song.

Isn't that pretty?

I've been walking around the house singing the first four notes of the LSU fight song.....

Nuh nuh nuh NUH!

Carter just rolls his eyes.

I've reminded him how lucky he is to have a mother who went to LSU.  He's less than receptive.

It's time for food, cocktails, fall weather and purple & gold.

It's time to annoy Blake by acting like I know what I'm talking about.  

Last night I asked Blake and Carter why LSU was only ranked 17.  Carter rattled off which player we lost and why.  HOW DO MALES AUTOMATICALLY KNOW THE ANSWERS?  It's fascinating to me.

Some pics of our LSU spirit over the years:

Blake and me at Pat O Brien's in New Orleans during the LSU Championship several years ago.

Meow Meow, decked out.

Remember Meow Meow?  Lainey's stuffed animal who has a Facebook page?  

Laine has taken a liking to her again, so you might see more of her soon.

Blake and baby Jack watching LSU/Florida while we lived in Colorado.

Young Carter.  Does anyone see Lainey here?  So much!

Toothless Carter and the littles.  

What a circus we are.

Cheers to a good season!

Off now to pack for Disneyland.  Our first visit since May.  

Always a special one!


Monica said...

Adorable! Lyla is decked out in her A&M gear today. We're ready to go down to College Station tomorrow! My dad will be flying in the B17 for the flyover at the game!! So, Lyla has to go watch her Pops in this YOLO opportunity.

Tutus and Choo-Choos said...

Our house will be all decked out in red to support our Nebraska Cornhuskers!!! Keith will have the Nebraska flag out front flying. Love, Love, Love this time of the year! Bring on the football!

The Jones Family said...

It's Rylee!

Lauren W said...

HOW DO MALES AUTOMATICALLY KNOW THE ANSWERS? What? What? You are such a reverse chauvinist.

starnes family said...

True story, Lauren.

Jo said...

you guys look more than ready to me! Enjoy disney!

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