Friday, October 04, 2013

The Cutest Field Trip

2nd graders at the grocery store.

It felt like an episode of Sesame Street come to life.  We toured each department, made healthy choices, and talked about 'all the time foods' and 'sometime foods'.

I drove these crazies.

The entire group.

Each kid received a shopping bag, bottled water, an apple and a cookie.

Surprisingly, no education on wine, though.

And, they checked groceries!

When I told Jack about the field trip, he rolled his eyes and looked generally disgusted.  Legoland?  Disneyland?  Nope, the grocery store!

But, it turned out to be lots of fun and surprisingly informative for little minds.  Somewhere you go often......but don't know much about.

Enjoyed it!


Vincent Family said...

It looks like a very fun field trip! How was the grocery store on the agenda for a field trip? I might bring it up at our next PTA meeting.

donatelli98 said...

They didn't state that Wine is an all the time food?

starnes family said...

Vincent Family - each store will be different....we went to Albertsons.....they were well prepared, despite the person who organized it quitting shortly before our visit!

BEGMom - Surprisingly, no. Something about "legal restrictions on what we can talk about". Lame.

Dee Stephens said...

Pretty cool idea!!

Monica said...

I've never heard of that as field trip, but gosh it makes sense! They get to learn about being responsible and healthy. I love it!

Leiah said...

I can't believe no one decided to utilize the posted fractions lesson - "choose 6 craft beers and get a 10% discount". What kind of slacker school is that, anyway? ;-)

Miss Sweet Tea said...

Very fun! They should have at least mentioned the craft beer deal :) start 'em young!! Haha

Jo said...

So Jack can go shopping on his own now, handy!

Jboo said...

What a great field trip and fun way to teach kids about foods! Happy Monday! :)

Emmy said...

My daughter went on that field trip as a preschooler and it was actually a lot more fun then I thought it would be.

Kristen said...

Way cute... and I love that he chose to hold his bag up in front of his face for the picture. I would've done the same at his age. Again, my little soul mate.

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