Thursday, October 10, 2013

Julian, California

I look forward to our Julian trip all year long.

The drive in.....

It's a picture perfect town, with a darling Main Street filled with tourists with the same agenda......out to find Fall in Southern California.

I find so much inspiration from this little town.

After Blake made several "Put the lotion in the basket" references from Silence of the Lambs, we moved on with our day.

Hot apple cider.

The caramel nuggets are fantastic.

60 miles from home!

This book store is so cute.

So is this little punk walking in.

We met Rodeo, the llama.

He's in great need of some dental work.

I love this happy town.

Pumpkin patch is scheduled for next week.

Also coming up:

Disneyland & California Adventure tomorrow.

Pumpkin Patch at Bate's Nut Farm next week.

Jillian's family arrives next Thursday.

Pa's in town the week after.

Busy fall......just the way we like it!


Dee Stephens said...

So fun!! Jordan just posted about Julian earlier this week too! They camped!

Monica said...

What a neat little town. Poor Romeo. He does need braces. Love all the pics. I'm so ready for Fall!

Emmy said...

I have never been to Julian, that looks like a fun day trip!

Vincent Family said...

What a cute town and I LOVE Lainey's outfit!

Jboo said...

What a great place! Looks like fun and love your little girl's outfit! Those boots!! So cute!!

Sounds like you will have many fun times ahead too!

Jordan Cole said...

I started out diving...and the second we started hitting all the mountains...I had to pull over an let a friend's husband drive! I cannot wait to go back, just Ben and I...and you gave me loads of new trip ideas!

Jo said...

What a cute town, now wonder you love it.

Unknown said...

I just read the pumpkin patch as "Nate's Butt Farm." Sign me up! I love Lainey's outfit. Yum! Looking forward to fall. My fall decoration is up. Ready to go!

Jodee said...

I love, love, love that town! It looks like you are having loads of fun this fall and we are too!

Kristen said...

1) I love your husband. The lotion references are just so well played.
2) Hanneman wants a pet llama. Or an alpaca. She can never decide but wants one or the other because she could make soft sweaters. Yup. That's her actually reasoning. Oh, and she wants a tiny cart for the llama or alpaca to pull around. Weirdo.
3) Lainey's pink fringe boots are just epic. LOVE.

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