Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Triple Scoop

Several things to catch up on before we head into another busy weekend.

PumpkinPalooza came and went and we raised $800 for Rady Children's Hospital!  I love my little job at Just Hatched Photography.

From the farm:

I fell in love with these chandeliers and asked Blake to recreate it for our back yard.

He did it and it's awesome!  

Back to the farm.....such a cute place.

Harbor Days came and went.

This is a pirate-themed festival by the ocean in October each year.

Lainey and I are dying for a swan peddle boat now.

I love our little town by the sea!

We've been to Disneyland a couple of times already for HalloweenTime and will go again Thursday of this week.  This time, we get to go with KC friends, the Bennett family and I couldn't be happier about that.

Jack rode like this on the way in:

I adore this picture:

This one, too.  These guys are so funny together.

A last look at the Court de Angels....as it's now being renovated for Club 33.  Which means I won't see it again until my membership goes into affect in a few years.  :)

Disneyland is so pretty for Fall.

Boring old mom, who never lets my kids have any fun (said to me at DISNEYLAND) handed out quarters for the gun game.  

I showed them!

Laine and I took one of Blake's favorite pics ever:

Are you this tired yet?

A few more little bits:

Kelly and baby Maggie Beau visited recently.  She'll be a big sister soon and I'll become a Godmother!

Lainey is in the lead with 2 teeth gone.  Jack has only lost 1.

And, she could not be cuter with her big, bright eyes and toothless grin.

My longtime blogger friend, Becca, came in town recently and we got to spend the day together.  She was a super good sport and followed my always-crazy Monday routine.  Carpool, help in one class, carpool, help in another, kids home for homework, etc, etc.

So glad to hug her and finally meet her in person!  Can't wait until she can come visit again.

And, finally......I had a date with James Franco.

Nope.  Wait.  That was just in my head.  

(Becca's as weird as me and has a photo of her and John Mayer.  She had this one made of James and me.)

Totally normal stuff, people.

Small anxiety attack coming on as we prepare for company, go to Disneyland, and host Lainey's enormous Halloween Birthday bash this weekend.

Watch the local news for a San Diego mom who finally totally lost it!  

Coming soon.


Tutus and Choo-Choos said...

Great job Blake on the new lighting for the patio! If our patio was covered, I would want that too!

You are such a busy, but awesome Mom!

Unknown said...

James Franco would be LUCKY to have you.

Jboo said...

Oh wow -- you have the most fun! Now, I want a swan paddleboat too!
You are really making me want a trip to Disney sooN!

Dee Stephens said...

Another Halloween themed birthday bash?

Lauren W said...

I love that pic of you and Lainey too. Save that adorable monogrammed Lainey shirt. I will seriously buy it from you.

Jodee said...

Holy cow! Blake rocks! Send him our way! That light is awesome!

You guys are having entirely too much fall fun and you are making us look boring! A swan paddleboat? Yes, please! We need one for our pond!

Love, love, love the picture of you and Lainey! So cute!

Thoroughly enjoyed the triple scoop!

Sara said...

Way to go, Blake! Awesome!

Such a cute pic of you and Lainey!

Kristen said...

Okay... the James Franco date pic is TOTALLY normal. I actually went to a website once where I could upload my pic and Robert Pattinson's to see what our kids would look like. So yeah. There will never be judging from me...
Jack. Just Jack. Love him. And although I have never met him, his idiosyncratic quirkiness just exudes from him and I adore it. I know we'd be kindred spirits if we were ever in the same place...
And Lainey- you've got a beauty on your hands. Love the pic of her with the toothless grin.
So last year, thanks to you, I had orange and black striped tights for Quinney. I could not find tights or leggings ANYWHERE this year. What is up with Wisconsin?!?! I feel like striped bottoms are a Halloween staple and I am baffled by how hard they are to find. I am already on the look out for next year...