Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Giveaway Winner And Random Stuff

First, the winner of the painted picture by Lance: Carrie Darney. Yall who didn't win can blame Blake because he drew the winner. Carrie, email me for Lance's info!

Second......the random info. Seems like all of my posts are turning into "Scoop". Lots going on!

Carter started 4th grade here on Monday and I was brought immediately back to Summer School with Mark Harmon. Seriously. Breeze way through the middle.......they hang their backpacks outside......the school is "campus style" with classrooms opening up outdoors.......the cafeteria is outside as well. It's very "California" compared to what we're used to. (Cam and Erin, no snide remarks on our fascination with your gorgeous home state. We're newbies. Give us a break.)

Carter on his (second) first day:

We arrived and walked around prior to meeting his teacher. Saw this in one part of the campus and Carter immediately remarked, "Oh, Dad is going to be in heaven. It will be like bowling when he plows through these!" Awesome.

After his first day, I loaded up the kids to meet him after school and we ventured out toward the beach. Of course, 2 minutes down the road, I heard this odd noise.......then later on noticed the PSI on my front right tire was doing drastically down. Damn.

We've had our fair share of car repairs recently......including tune ups to prepare for the drive here.....which lead to $450 work on the Volkswagen. No complaints.....that car has 125K miles and we've never done a thing to it besides change the oil, rotate tires and buy new ones. So, it was time. Add another $850 for an oil pan and gasket after it nearly broke down 10 miles shy of our arrival in Oceanside. 1687 miles.......total journey.....and it decides to start leaking oil as we're driving into town. Again, no worries......this car has been a total gem and these repairs usually arrive much earlier than they have for us.

Add the Volkswagen drama to Blake puncturing the Suburban's tire in the school parking lot and then my flat tire......I'm over it! That's 3. Nothing else can happen.

Carter's over it, too. Don't judge. He's witnessed all of these messes and most of his classmates have, too.

Lainey seems to be over it, but she doesn't know.

Jack was more concerned with the preservatives in pretzel goldfish. Can't blame him.

Our darling little one doesn't understand my incessant screams of bloody murder......suggesting she not touch the ground with her hands or any of Daddy's tools.


The good news is that all 3 kids can change a tire now. And, Blake's got it down (with help) to 35 minutes. Not bad for an old guy.

Lainey's most efficient thus far. We're doing drills in our spare time. Safety first!

Since we were in the downtown area, near the Waste Management dump, I kicked back in the folding chair and watched all of this go down. See? Nothing phases me now. We've been through it all. The drive cross country, the car trouble, Blake and me being home together since May 15 (!!!!!!).........it's all gravy at this point. I'm numb. So, why not just kick back and watch life unfold?

Anyway, we made it to the beach. And, our yahoo children spent more time on the damn playground than in the sand. Note to self: Do not take kids to a beach with a playground. The ocean is their furthest point of interest. Save the sand clean up and walk down the street.

In house news......Statue Kitty has been moved around and around and around. She's not always left in the most flattering of poses, but she's getting a lot of attention.

Help needed: Blake doesn't want to do the collage above the fireplace again. The armoire is cluttered and he thinks it will look junky. So, tell me what you think we should do. We're up for anything! Comments, email, etc......doesn't matter. I'm out of ideas.

Here is the other part of the living room......so happy we can fit our desk again.

Kitchen is done. And, our first custom piece of artwork......bought from a friend of Caroline's years ago......is hung again. Love it!

Carter has been calling people left and right from the back yard giving them verbal tours of what he sees. Love to see him so happy with the house.

Lainey got a new lovie from Donna for her birthday. Her name is Sassy. She, too, used to be white.

She got Sassy on Friday. Today is Tuesday and Sass looks like she's been through a war zone. Such is the life of being Lainey's favorite.

Awkward. I constantly find her kitties in all sorts of compromising poses. They're hugging, of course, but it makes me jump a little each time I come upon a new connection.

Sassy sometimes lives in a bird cage. I don't know.

Finally, we Skyped tonight with our KC neighbors, Dalton and family. So much fun. We're loving California, but missing the old 'hood!

Got a question for you peeps tomorrow.......stay tuned!


The Soladay Family said...

Is that the desk you were telling me about? I love it.

So, is every single day like a vacation.

Carter's campus = awesome.

Sara said...

I'm still laughing about Carter's comment involving the tether ball poles. Awesome. That kid has the best lines ever.

Lainey and Hudson would get along great. His hands always seem to look like that.

You're right - everything happens in 3's for some reason, so hopefully your car drama is over!

p.s. - Crack kills, Blake.

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

I can't get over your description of the school - now I want to go back so I can attend such an awesome school!

Also? Skype is brilliance personified.

Katherine said...

Oh no! You might be the only person I know that has more tire trouble than I do. Because I had about 5 flats last year and one was on the freaking Brownie troop campout in the snow. Good times!

PS- I am still thinking about starting my blog up again, just have not had a chance yet.

PPS - I am totally packing up the kids and coming to visit you and making you take us to Disneyland.

If the shoe FITZ said...

i agree with Blakey it will look junky cuz it's close together.
do you think ya'll will use the fire place? what about moving the armoire in front of it..or another piece of furniture? not sure of the layout if that will work but i've seen in done in some magazines lately...

Carrie Darney said...

I'm the big winner you losers! I won I won I WON! Ha ha hahahaha~!!

That was immature...sorry but I just wanted everyone to know I won...

Carter SOOO looks the part of a California boy! His hair is to die for...love that kid!

donatelli98 said...

Loved Carter's comment about Blake and the tether ball poles! Is Sassy named after Sass??

Dee Stephens said...

The school looks awesome. I guess Carter isn't shy about changing schools, moving and being the new kid?
Tough on most but I guess not him? I did it once. 10th grade. Not so much fun to be honest.
As far as the mantle. I think you need another big piece of art like the one by the kitchen table. The amoire does look a little cluttered but not sure what to do about it except clear it?

Kelly Beatty said...

why not a big mirror over the fireplace? That's what we have over ours. House looks fab-ulous.

starnes family said...

Allison - yes! That is the desk. And, so far.....yes. Everyday is like vacation!

Katherine - come on! We'd have a blast.

Jen - we'll use the fireplace at some point and the room is too narrow to put it in front.

Dee - Carter is totally flexible in regards to the moves, but this is why we moved now.....so we don't have to move him as a teenager.

Kels - great idea!

Kristen said...

Your new house looks beautfiul!! I don't think the armoire looks crowded... I think it looks homey and fabulous!

And the pics of Lainey changing the tire... so cute :)

Moni said...

I love the outdoor school! That reminds me of the school I taught at when we lived in Boca Raton. My classroom door opened to the outside, and I had a backdoor that opened to a common area outside for the whole school. We didn't even have an indoor gym, we just had a covered area that they had class in. Loved it! The only thing that wasn't great were the snakes that would visit on the playground....our school was literally the last bit of civilization before heading toward the Everglades.....no bueno!

The Lenzers said...

carter totally fits in in CA, he's got the look for sure! LC is just like you, too funny. She's a mess...love her! Blake should hurry and get the kids trained on all that tire changing shit so yall could both pull up a chair and watch them work and laugh. Fireplace, a piece of art work or something beachy feeling. You could paint a big "S" and then just a couple pics or candles on the mantle. Or you can never go wrong with iron work. can't wait to see what you decide.

Brittny said...

the comment about the bowling is so awesome!!!!! carter's good. quick too.

and i'm also proud of blake. mostly b/c he can change a tire without his butt crack showing. high five man!

and finally i'm picturing you screaming at lainey about keeping her hands off the ground and it's crazy, it sounds just like me yelling the same thing at sophie! do you get as many looks from strangers as i do? i finally decided to cut back a little. i was tired of the looks and the yelling not working. i just store hand sanitizer in every pocket we own.

eh, who am i kidding. i'm a yeller.

aunt caroline said...

EXCUSE ME! You skyped with someone before me? I'm so insulted.

Coco said...

Please just put up some shelves about the fire place, dark shelves from Target and put the stuff on it.
A lot less work and a lot less nail holes. Make Blake do it.

Also, I kind of saw up Blake's shorts in one picture and then almost saw his buttcrack.

Please keep it clean. Jeez!

Becca Jane said...

Haha, love the beach playground comment! And maybe one day we could swap Roo & Lainey for a day because I'm just as in love with Lainey as you are with Roo. Special girlies, we got!!

I agree with another commenter that Carter looks good! Looks like Cali suits him!

Susan said...

I'm going to stowaway in Caroline's luggage when she comes for a visit. Love, love, love the backyard and the windows where you have the desk.

SASS said...

I'm cracking up over you busting out a chair and watching life happen. I would have had a moment...and not a good one. You're so laid back, Case. I'm jealous. But hell, after everything yall have done in the last month it's the best way to be. Impressive.
Carter with the phone? American Eagle ad. Dirty Laine? Adorable. Jack checking out the goldfish? Normal.
Love the name Sassy for the kitty! I think we would be friends.

Merry Mack said...

Boo to flat tires.

Unknown said...

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