Thursday, September 23, 2010

Question Of The Week

I do not like skinny jeans. Girls can pull them off, but I don't care for them on boys. Guess who loves them?


He's been dying for a pair and I avoided them like the plague while school clothes shopping. This Friday is "twins" day and he and his new friend have decided on these jeans. A clever way for Carter to acquire such a fashion? Possibly, but I don't think this act was premeditated. Most kids seem to have a pair and Carter wants to fit in.

So, for the first time, we're faced with the age-old-issue of giving in to "fads" or sticking with our taste.

I want to raise independent thinkers, so I welcome Carter's input and hope we can always find middle ground in this department. There are some things we won't be flexible on......but this one seems innocent enough.

I'm torn with wondering 2 things.

***Are we turning into lame parents since we don't care for this style?

***When is it appropriate for parents to say "no" simply because of a conflict of taste?


Dee Stephens said...

Geez. This is a tough one. I'm with you..I would be inclined to just say no.
You are in California though and things are different out there. Style is a bigger deal versus the croakie, Vineyard Vines guys here in the Carolinas.
Know what I mean?

The Lenzers said...

tough question. I think it is hard to say for sure until you are actually in the situation. First off I don't care for the jeans, probably since my thighs would never fit into skinny jeans. But for boys I for sure think it is silly. But if everyone has them, and hey he has the look. I am reminded of that commercial where the kids look crazy (all dressed in black and lip liner and earrings) but they are telling their parents where they are going.
I do think this is innocent enough. And hey, he already has a friend to wear this with....yay!!

Becca Jane said...

Oh I can't stand skinny jeans either. I'm glad my kids are young enough that I still get a full say in their clothing. Hmmm....maybe get him ONE pair and say he can only wear them when they are clean and...and then take your time getting them into the washer!! That's what I do with Cam's basketball jerseys, haha!!!

Shannon said...

I never say no unless there's a reallllllly good reason for it. What's the harm in it? You're old people and he's a cool kid. :) My teen wears so many crazy things and I love the individuality. I only say no if it's something too short, too tight, etc.

Almost everybody (including boys) in Europe wear skinny jeans.

starnes family said...

Agreed.....on all accounts. I hate to push our taste on Carter....unless, there is a substantial reason (other than our dislike) he shouldn't be wearing something.

We had already bought 4 pairs of jeans for this year, so he bought them with his own money. Proud of our boy!

***It should also be noted that we're terribly old school. It took YEARS to get Blake out of pleated pants. Flat front was just totally out there for him. :)

If the shoe FITZ said...

i say just do it. he's the new kid...wants to fit you said it's his style....not yours...and he'll likely be over it soon!

donatelli98 said...

OMG - same issue with Mr. ESPN and pleated pants - I am dying!!! As for skinny jeans, I think they look too feminine on guys. Not a fan at all! But that's a hard call when your kid wants it ... so different from Carter's normal laid backer surfer look. I am surprised he likes them - but I guess I am old school too. I don't think Mr. ESPN would ever let a son of his wear them (luckily we won't have to deal with that ... we will be dealing with tight skirts, etc.)... kudos to you for being open minded and kudos to Carter for paying with his own money.

Carrie Darney said...

OK, so he is the most well adjusted kid EVER! He goes with the flow, he lets you still take pics of him on his first day, I say let him make this decision! He is such a good kid...good with his little siblings, etc. Life in CA will be a bit different as the style is more fashion forward...just let him have one pair.

I agree to him only wearing them when they are clean and taking time to wash them. Ha! That's a good one!

The Soladay Family said...

Casey....we faced this issue with Austin last year. I HATE skinny jeans on boys, but he HAD to have them. This year, he won't touch them. Case in point. Now, Carter and Preston want some since Austin had...past tense..had them. This too shall pass.

Sara said...

You gotta look back at what we wore. My mom HATED parachute pants, but she let me have some b/c I loved them. She HATED the Units outfits (remember those??), but again....she let me have them because I liked them.
Sometimes I had to save my own money and buy them myself and sometimes my parents treated me. It just depended on what it was.

Carter's a good kid. I don't think there's any harm in letting him follow the trends to a certain extent.

Skinny jeans???? Ugh. Shannon's right though - it's definitely the European look.

Coco said...

Carter can totally pull off the skinny jean thing. As long as his pants aren't hanging down past his ass, all is good.
It isn't a thuggy look. It is trendy but look at how we wore our bangs at that age, with overalls and colored socks and huge bows.
This is just a cute preppy look that kids like the Jonas Brothers are wearing. Not bad role models.

I actually had on skinny jeans the other day and Bram said, "I like your skinny jeans." WTF? It starts so young.

Monica said...

I do NOT care for those jeans either, but I'm sure my parents didn't care for some of the styles or fashion trends that went on in my day either. So, I think you should let him wear them. It won't hurt anything and maybe it will make him feel "cool" in his new surroundings.

Brittny said...

i think we all remember the 80s and want to save our kids from the embarrassement they will definitely feel down the road. but if they insist, then i say let them have something to laugh at later in life. but you are in california after all! (i personally don't like them b/c i can't get in them and those who do look like they can't breathe)

BUT i think you definitely have to put your foot down on short and low cut clothing. or anything that will send the wrong message. was that too serious?

Jodee said...

Oh dear! I can totally wait for this age! I hate those skinny jeans on anyone (male or female)! I try to pick my battles and skinny jeans probably wouldn't be one of them. They are harmless!

Hattie said...

Let the boy wear skinny jeans, but be sure to take pics that way y'all can have a good laugh when he's older!!! Plus look on the bright side...he doesn't want to wear pants hanging half way off his butt!!! Good Luck!

merrilee said...

OMG....I am totally laughing at this post. I agree with Carrie--he is such a great kid, just let him have a pair(although I also hate this fad).

Malinda said...

I think I would say yes to the skinny jeans this time because he is trying to fit in a brand new school. I never had to switch schools but I think I would be very nervous.

To me this seems harmless enough. Maybe somehow let him know this is a special circumstance and that you will not always give in.

That's great news that he already has a new friend that wants to be his twin on twin day.

Tiffany said...

oy. i'm def. not a fan of the skinny jeans on dudes. i don't think you're lame parents, but i do think, with something this innocent, it's a good thing to bend on.

Mae mae said...

pick your battles, this is innocent enough, let the poor kid fit into the fad; he'll be embarrassed about it when he's 20 and you can all laugh!

Katherine said...

I think that is wonderful that he paid for them himself. Precious boy!
Yeah, I am not a fan of skinny jeans on boys either. But really, there is no harm in them. We must pick our battles. If William wanted them, I would probably cave. If he wanted some of those huge disks that kids put in their ears, I would have to say hell no.

Unknown said...

Even though I don't love them, I'd probably just let him wear the dang skinny thangs if he REALLY wanted them. Well, hold much are they?

Merry Mack said...

I think I am late on this, but buy Carter the skinny jeans.

I will never forget starting public school and needing/wanting a pair of Guess jeans with the zippers at the ankles. I really felt like I would die without them and once my parents finally got me a pair, I felt like I could breath.

I don't think it is tough. You don't do this sort of stuff all the time for your kids, so giving in to his request this once will not kill your parenting style.

He is learning to express his style and find his place.

Compromise and get the jeans, but make his do stuff around the house to pay for the jeans.

I hate skinny jeans too, but it isn't about what you like and I am with Coco at least his ass isn't hanging out and his jeans aren't belted around his thighs. Skinny jeans=much better

Shannon said...

The "you should cave" and "you'll be embarrassed" comments are cracking me up because they assume skinny jeans are somehow wrong. I don't think they are. I'm not even sure he'll be embarrassed to look back on them. Different than what we wear != wrong.

I'm a big fan of young people because they are much more open to new ideas. Maybe we should all be going to get some and try them out. :)

Moni said...

I say go for it!

Clare said...

I have no idea, but I freaking hate skinny jeans!!
But, I think if your child wants to fit in, and it's appropriate (no super short skirts, low cut tops, etc), then you should let them.
They'll look back later and thinking who thought that was a good idea? Can you say tight roll jeans?