Thursday, September 09, 2010

State Of The Union (Or Starnes Family)

So much to cover.

First, we have an address. In California. In a San Diego suburb. Feels good, peeps. And, it's darling. Cul-de-sac lot, no neighbors behind us due to us being on a hill, large lot and tons of outdoor living. And, a gazebo. 10 minutes from the coast. Super cute.

As for our last few days here in the Midwest, we've been enjoying our faves.

Stonewall Pizza. Haunted restaurant and good food? We're totally there.

I went to grab dinner recently and enjoyed a glass of wine, sans children and husband, and took in the scenery. I love this wacky restaurant.

Jack's a pirate. On most days......otherwise, he's Jack. Ask him first before calling him a "pirate".

Remember the parking lot "incidents"?

Well, the school took extra precautions after the Starnes family plowed through and taped up all the free-standing obstacles. I want Blake to write "Blake wuz here" on the tape before we go.

Here's the remains of his crash. So sad.

Here's a shot of daily life around the Starnes casa due to the need to pack and load inconveniently compromising parenthood.

Here we have the kitchen....representing the current life form here. Boxes and essentials.

Lovely Blake is being all manly and tidying up. That's hot.

On Wednesday, a man pulled into the neighborhood driving this truck, ripped off a major tree limb of one of the lovelies near us, got out and said, "I don't give a s&*t about that tree. Trees are city issues."
OK, then. Thanks for the truck. See you early next week.

Starting to fill.....long ways to go. And, for the record, we have minimal moving/packing experience. From Dallas to Denver and then Denver to KC, Blake's company moved us. I couldn't pack a thing. It was blissful. This is stressful.

Here's our movers. The Delts.
Who are the Delts? The two guys pictured on the left who live across the street. We named them the Delts after several months living here......watching their fun parties....not unlike Animal House......a glimpse of our lives pre-children.

We've spent the past several months getting to know them and they're a ton of fun. And, loaded with talents......see picture below.

Here they are at a recent Chiefs game. Good old Midwestern fun.
We love the Delts and will love them even more on Sunday when they're helping Blake load the big furniture. Otherwise, we're handling everything.

I finished up work at Children's Orchard this week. I LOVED this job. Not part of my career path, but I absolutely enjoyed getting to know the fine folks who own and work here.
Amie and Anne, the buyers.

Rob, possibly one of the funniest people living on the planet, although he'll argue with you if you suggest such.

Judy, Rob's wife, Gabbe and Demi. Lots more that I wasn't able to photograph, but here is where I have spent the last 10 months in my spare time. Good people.

Since we're leaving Kansas soon, we finally made it to the Mahaffie Stagecoach Stop and Farm. A popular place to eat and rest during the westward expansion.

We walked the grounds since it was a slow day on the farm (not the usual interactive set up). Found the garden.......saw the lovely sunflowers (a Kansas icon) and then later found out that they were not planted there.......squash, beans, and other veggies were......but the sunflowers snuck in. Love that.

This was the main house on the farm and was built in 1865. Downstairs housed the kitchen and dining area, where most people came to eat while moving west.

This sign = awesome. Saw it while visiting the horses and other livestock.

The horses were busy, though.

And, then this goat tried to steal the show while I was "picturing" the sheep.

Back inside the this quote:
"In 1857, when Dr. Barton was staking his claim, he was so impressed by the beauty of the land and wildflowers, he asked his Shawnee Indian guide, David Dougherty, "What was their word for beautiful?" "O-la-the", he responded.
Olathe is our neighboring town and also where Carter goes to school.

I tell Lainey to sit and this is what she does. Always ornery.

After visiting Mahaffie, we went to the mall to tour the American Girl store. Stopped at our new fave, Crazy 8 and also at the Jayhawks store. Not going to see any of these out west. Wonder what California team Carter will fall in love with there?
And, here we are. It was a lot of fun. Very similar to the Dallas store. I had to explain to an older gentleman what the "doll's hair salon" was. He didn't understand why grown women had dolls in salon chairs and were cutting their hair. Would it grow back? "No, you get to buy another doll after it's cut," I told him. "Brilliant". He got it.

Jack's thoughts on the store? "Dee only cool fing in here is that train track."
Can you see it?
It's 7:11pm and one kid is already in bed. The other two will follow shortly. I've reverted back to "survival mode", learned from our relocation 1.5 years ago. 7pm bedtimes = sanity savers.
Carter's last day of school is tomorrow. He'll take a week off to move with us and get acclimated before we start him in California. He's earned it.

Back soon with more scoop on the move. Hope all is well with you!


Dee Stephens said...

WOOHOO! Now the adventure begins!! or ..wait..continues ;) The kids are getting so big!

The Potters said...

Good luck with the move! Maybe I'll see you in a few weeks in La Jolla! ;) Check your email soon and be on the lookout!

Allyson and Dave said...

Such excitement!! I cannot wait to see pictures of your new place.

The Rand's said...

It's all so real now!

Living the life! Cali life!

Jodee said...

Holy cow! Your new place sounds fabulous! I can't wait to hear all about it. Happy packing!

The Soladay Family said...

It's that time! Yee haw!

donatelli98 said...

I am exhausted just reading this post! Good luck! It's all coming together!!

Sara said...

I love Jack's wackiness. The pirate. The wine box on his leg. Priceless. The train sightings...pure amusement for me!

Lainey's got the poses going on. She may get "discovered" in California. Hey- that would solve the job issues. You could become a stage mom.

Good luck with packing up that truck. I still think you need to do something in reference to the Griswolds for your Christmas card this year. Your lives are similar. :) Love you!

Life in Beverly Hills said...

Moving is such a bittersweet thing...saying goodbye to the things we come to love in a new place but looking forward to a new home.

Carson got some stuff from Crazy 8 for his bday. Must go check out the store.

Last but certainly not least...the coffee can on the pirates leg...freakin' hysterical!!!

Katherine said...

This is all very exciting and I am living vicariously through the Starnes family right now. I can't wait until y'all get to Cali!! Good luck with everything!

The Lenzers said...

The countdown is on!!!! I totally know how you feel and you will survive!! You're doing good, CASE!!

Tiffany said...

does 'domestic animal activities' sound perverted to anyone else?

Coco said...

Yikes! I can't believe it is almost two days away. SO EXCITING!!!!

Lauren W said...

Have a great trip out west, my friend. SOOOOO excited for you guys! I can't wait to see pics and I will be praying for safe travels.

Kristen said...

Jack's peg leg is a nice touch... and woo hoo for an address!! Send it my way when you can :)

Also- left a little prayer for you on my blog today. Good luck with the move my friend!! Enjoy your wild ride :)

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

This post made me feel all sad and nostalgic and like it was me who's picking up and moving away.

You're going to have a fantastic new life in CA - and I can't wait to read about it!

Jeannette Pucella said...

OMG, hey! I just got a second to breathe and I'm going to the start of your CA posts and reading up on your BIG adventure!!!! YAY! I'm so excited for you! Can't wait to read backwards through these to the most recent to see what you're doing now.