Sunday, September 05, 2010

Mega Scoop + Book Club Book

Not a whole lot about the move.....just daily life here in Kansas.

First, I saw this movie on Saturday night. Watch the trailer. I insist.

Warren P. Cheswick (as he was called in Ed, one of the best TV shows ever), who is really named Justin Long and Drew Barrymore are as cute as can be. They reminded me of Blake and me at the beginning of our relationship......just after he visited me in Baton Rouge.....about 12 years ago.

The story is awesome. The obvious to make a long distance relationship work.....was done well. They have fantastic chemistry and I hope they get married one day. (Yes, I think about these things.) One warning, though.....the dialogue is downright raunchy at times. Like Sex and the City raunchy. Not my kind of talk, but I got over it. Go see this movie. Or, you will be dead to me.

Moving on.....

Sass's sister, Katie, came over one evening with her sweet husband to buy a few of our items for sale. We had to take a picture of her and Meow Meow.

And, Carter. They all adore Katie.

No, she's not pregnant, but Katie bought our pack-n-play and papasan, which totally delights me to know that they'll be using some of our baby gear one day. Blake gave a demo. I still don't know how to set this piece up. I know. 3 kids. It's Blake's job! Hush.

Katie showed Lainey how to wrap up her babies. It was a quick, but fun, evening.

Carter and Jack have been scooting through the neighborhood like mad men. Mad men with helmets, of course.

I took the little ones over to Jillian's house recently for a play date. I'm thrilled to pass on our favorite Halloween costume EVER, the Babystyle octopus. Seriously. Could she be cuter?

Here is Lainey in it in '08. Love how the legs are everywhere.

And, here she is that year throwing a tantrum. I seem to have a lot of pictures of her laying in this position screaming her little bratty head off. Nice.

Back to Jillian's.......lunch time! They all had to sit on the same side of the table.

I love these girls. And, their mama even more. I am so sad to leave Jillian. I know we'll be life long friends, but it's hard to say goodbye.
Her girls......Ainsley.


Baby Brooke.

Chub-a-lub baby girl.

Sass came over one evening recently and carried our precious rocking chair back home with her. Another one of my first babies.....that I babysat as a taking my gear for their own babies one day. Makes me happy. Sass said she's "keeping it in the family." Love her.

Of course, she stayed for wine. And, we chatted up a storm as we always do.

And, laughed. And, laughed. That's what we do.

I love my KC girls!

We put the Thule case on the truckster in preparation for the big move. Nothing says, "Pull me over" like some dancing bears, right? (A Grateful Dead icon for those of you who don't know.)

And, finally, we had a picnic outside tonight and then took a walk at Ernie Miller Nature Center. Good thing my dainty little daughter doesn't mind spilled Frosty.

Lovely Kansas. Such a beautiful place to live. I've heard people describe Kansas City as "a hidden gem" or a "well kept secret". I must concur.

Lots of fun finding little treasures like this in the woods.

We talked and talked about what could have been chomping on this horse apple. Lainey concluded it was "Monster Bear" (from Little Bear).

This odd little set up looked like something out of the Blair Witch Project. Of course, I told the kids all about it. No one will be sleeping in this house tonight.

I don't know.

Race time!

Goodnight Kansas sunset.

Off to pack up our bedroom and start on our bathroom. Things are going well. We're almost there!

Oh, yeah. One more thing. The Book Club. A few people have said they like this one and I do believe it will be out in movie form soon, too. With Coco's True-Love-4-Eva in it as the main character. Here is a link to the book on Amazon, "used" starting around $1.50.

Read this one. Promise you'll love it. I did so much that I'm going to read it again!


Momma to the A's said...

So glad the move is on the right track! You have it ALL under control! I felt like our move was a bit on the crazy side...but maybe they all are?

I have had my eye on that book since Coco mentioned how good it is. Now I have a reason to get it and read it! Seems like I need an excuse to read these days ... so sad!

Keep up the packing ... not long now!

Katherine said...

Don't feel bad! I too am the mother of 3 and have no clue as to how to set up a pack n' play. It is totally the man's job.
LOL at the river of Frosty next to Miss Lainey!
I will definitely see the movie, love me some Drew B. and I am fond of Justin, too!

donatelli98 said...

Sass and her sister are so cute and look so much alike in those pics! How bittersweet selling those things - but nice to know they will be "in the family". I need to go buy the book.

Kristen said...

Lainey's smile just makes me wanna be happy- all day every day.

So with the move right around the corner... have you thought about what you'll miss most about Kansas?? Just curious...

And if I wasn't working and finishing up school... I would LOVE to read along with you. But time is a bit scarce these days... someday soon I will be able to read for fun :)

The Lenzers said...

ok, I'm getting sad and I don't know why?! WHY CASEY WHY?

Kim said...

Looks like you've been busy! I hope you are having a great Labor Day!

Kelly Beatty said...

Yes! Yes! Yes! I just got this one from the library suckers! I will put down Vodka and switch to Water for Elephants.

FROGGITY! said...

i know that you will miss KC! even though you're off to a great adventure! it looks like you all have some great friends. :)

i so wish i could get my act together enough to read a book right now... sigh!

Unknown said...

First, thanks so much for following my silly blog! Second, I totally agree that those pack 'n plays can make you want to tear your hair out. Third, I've never been to "K.C.", but I went to Wichita. I thought it was pretty!! Fourth, I've read "Water for Elephants" and liked it, too. You're going to read it again? So impressed! I'm sure the movie is going to make me blush...but, I will see it, of course!

Shannon said...

I wanted to go get Water for Elephants at the library and all copies are out for a few weeks. WILL read it.

The Sass fam has beautiful genes. Happy you can pass some of your stuff onto them.

The Soladay Family said...

Have the book. Need to read it.

Can't believe your move is just around the corner. Trysten informed me last night that the best part of you guys moving is that he can come visit. =)

Jillian Bennett said...

I am so sad you are leaving me too!!!

SASS said...

Katie and I look so much alike in these pictures! As we've gotten older I see so many similarities. Love it.
I'm in for WWE! Can't wait to read it. And Rise & Shine :)
Going to miss you guys.

Merry Mack said...

You make me want to go to Kansas.

I loved that book! A lot. I will say other books written by the author are not as good. Great story. I have a thing for the circus anyway.

Glad the move is progressing and you are able to spend some time with the ones you love before you go.

I have a Jillian friend in my life that I just love. Here's to the Jillians!

Sara said...

You would've pulled your hair out if you'd seen how many times we packed and unpacked our pack n' play this past weekend. Over and over.....from condo to condo. Fun times!

Bought that book yesterday and can't wait to start it!

Cute pics of all the punks. I can't believe y'all are moving in just a few days!!!!

Tiffany said...

i don't know how to set up the pack and play either. husbands job. always. and sass's sister is adorable. jealousy here.

wine. mmmm.

i also heard that water for elephants was a must read so i read it about a year ago. it was good, i guess, but didn't move me. and if that sounds cheesy, well, i'm being serious. books must move me. i'm high maintenance like that

Brittny said...

I am sooooo glad that I am not the only one that watched Ed!!!! I LOVED that show!!!! And I am sooooooo glad that Warren P. Cheswick is everywhere. I adore him!!!! And feel the same way you do about he and Drew Barrymore. (The table scene with the husband sitting there had me laughing like an idiot!)

Also hilarious... Laney throwing a tantrum dressed as an octopus. I was doing the whole sucking for air laugh all by myself. I want to post it as my profile pic on FB b/c it makes me laugh so hard.

Dee Stephens said...

I'm catching up! Love Caroline's FB post and you and Sass look rocked in that picture!! ;) Looks like the move is moving along!