Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I'm Living A Lie

1.  I love Disneyland.  LOVE it.  But, I probably couldn't tell you one of the stories with much accuracy.  The other night, I realized Snow White's mother died and that is why the evil witch was part of her life.  I don't know the difference between a pixie or a princess or a fairy.  I don't know why Peter Pan can fly.

Disney wasn't a big part of our lives as kids and animated movies simply don't appeal to me.  But, I love Disneyland like no other.

2.  I really don't know how to work, nor have any interest in, our Ipad.  I realized how silly this is while watching Jack surfing through with one hand.....flying through apps and watching videos......all the while eating a bagel.....like he's a 50 year old man browsing the news with his coffee.

I have a laptop and a smart phone.  Don't challenge me any further, people.

3.  I have a pretty fancy camera and have only taken it off the "auto" setting to try to take a photo at night.  I do have 2 really cute camera straps, though.

4.  People constantly ask where I am from and I've started telling a few strangers that I'm from Kentucky, mimicking Coco's (intentional, mind you) fake accent.

I'm not faking the accent.  If anything, I'm trying to rid myself of it.  But, I have started suggesting Kentucky.

Why?  People from California pretty much think you're stupid with any sort of accent, so why not?  I like to keep things interesting.

5.  I love history.  LOVE it.  However, I'm terrified of discussing wars and such as my kids get older because I honestly know very little about the basics.  Ask me about random hauntings throughout the country?  I'm your girl.  When the war of 1812 was?  Not so sure.

6.  We live in California, but I never go in the ocean.  Ever.  We are at the beach often, but the water is too damn cold to get in.

7.  People think I know a thing or two about blogging, but I'm terrified of many aspects of it.  Like?  Those 'McLinky' type things. 

But, I'm giving it a try. 

How you like me now, "Confessions from an Impulsive Addict"?


donatelli98 said...

Nice post - I have no idea how to do the McLinky thing either ... I love your accent! Wish I had one! I agree the water in CA is way to cold!

Dee Stephens said...

I remember living out West and people thought I was Scarlett O'Hara with my accent. It made me laugh!
I know WAY too much Disney stuff...it's kind of embarassing.

Heather said...

Love it! I remember hearing your voice for the first time a long time ago on a video and the accent was definitely Louisisanian (is that a word? i don't think so). Must have picked that up in colllege!

VandyJ said...

I live in the middle of the country, not much accent here. But it's fun to pretend to have one to drive my kids nuts.

Unknown said...

IA will love your random stuff!!

How can you not like DisneyLand? So magical!!

Visiting from TTUT!


Brittny said...

I love this! I'm with you on it all! I didn't know the names of the princesses until the last year. I have no clue how you use a fancy camera, that's why I still have a point and shoot. (if i can ever keep up with it.) I know exactly what you mean about the accent too!!!! I had to sort of drop mine b/c we had so many friends that were from all over and everyone thinks people with a southern accent are dumb. Plus I'd just had kids so I really was dumb (thanks to mom brain) and several months ago I met someone from SC and just fell in love with listening to her talk. I told her I was from AL and she didn't believe me. I think I worked too hard on losing it. Now that I'm back in AL it too about 2 weeks for it to come back. I also loving living at the beach, but hate going in the water. And the Atlantic isn't cold. Thought this post was awesome!

Quinn, Allison, Rylee and Cailyn McNamara said...

I simply love you. You make me smile (:

Jillian Bennett said...

1. I know a lot about the classic princess movies. You must with 3 girls. Disney World stressed me out... for many reasons (most of which could/would be eliminated if I tried again... ex: in-laws)
2. "our Ipad"??? :)
3. I'm attending my second photography class soon. I figure that I should learn how to use my expensive new camera. Too bad you live too far away to go with me.
4. I love accents. Seriously love them. I considered making out with a guy in London once because I was so obsessed with his accent.
When we moved from Canada to Kansas, all 4 of us kids practiced our worst Kansas/Midwestern accent the entire 14 day drive (pitstop at Disney) so that we would fit in once we got here. I wish we had kept the beautiful Canadian accents. They sound so much better than the Midwestern drawl...
5. History makes me nervous... kind of like math. Like I won't know the obvious answer when asked. Jesse recently told me he wants to go to DC alone so that he can spend time reading about all of the history. He said I will get too bored too quickly... I certainly would, but was a bit offended.
I think I may read "American History for Dummies". Maybe even "World History for Dummies".
6. Ocean water creeps me out.
7. Blogging... that is what I have you for.

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

People also constantly ask me where I'm from. I am quite envious that you have an awesome answer.

Impulsive Addict said...

I almost like you again! You totally linked up (even though you are by FAR the "smartest" blog ever but I'm letting that slide.) THANK YOU MRS. STARNES!

I think Becca mis-read. She has no idea how obsessed you are with DL.

The ipad is just a bigger version of your iphone. You can handle it cry baby.

Kentucky? Oh my. If you want people to stare longer, you should say Arkansas.


Coco said...

California better get ready for some serious Texas accent. Holla!

I NEVER use "auto" on my fancy camera.

I'm not bringing it to SD. Just FYI. I have a smaller fancy camera that fits in my purse. You can be in charge of the professional shit.

TM is JUST NOW getting into princesses. So she might not get the whole Disneyland thing at first.

Jodee said...

Love this random post!

Allyson and Dave said...

I am not a Disney movie fan at all. But I do love Disney World. I also love Harry Potter land at Universal. But I only saw the first movie when it came out 10 years ago. I borrowed by Mom's Cannon Rebel a couple of weeks ago for my trip tomorrow. I hope I can figure it out. I gave it a test run on the hot air balloon last weekend and almost melted it. I guess it is not a good idea to hold the camera up to the flames that make the balloon float. But I really wanted that shot.

Kim said...

I am just picturing Jack in my head with the IPad, just as you described. :). Love all your other randoms too.

Sara said...

People in NYC were totally staring at Coco every time she talked. I'm sure you can imagine. Get ready San Diego!!

the only thing I use my iPad for is a sound machine for JR and to read my books. Is that bad???

Wiz said...

I could have written several of these items! My two year old can work the ipad better than me. I have an SLR camera and only use auto. And I dont really care to learn any of the fancy blogging stuff. Writing and uploading pictures is enough for me!