Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Scoop - It's Been A While

If you're new here, "Scoops" are basically my random postings every week or so of the little bits of our lives.  Prepare to be impressed.  All 4 of you who read this blog.

Lainey can spell her name!

"Wainey Wogs", says Jack.

Occasionally, I'll bust in on a preschool critter party being conducted in Lainey's room.  (Notice the new bedding......doing a few slight changes to her decor).

It's a wild bunch and I don't stick around long.  Those peeps get out of hand quickly.

Allison and I are more brilliant than ever, yall.  Seriously.  Not only do we carpool to Preschool, but now we're trading a day each week to take the little ones off each others hands for several hours.  We coordinate this with a Preschool day, so what we're looking at, folks, is nearly an entire day (with twenty carpool runs for me, of course) of kid-free time.

You know, to wash dishes and fold laundry and live our all around glamorous lives.

Nothing can stop us now!

On my recent adventure, we headed to the park for some pizza and play time.

I love this little pizza face.

And, always agreeable Jack, too.

((((Notice his fingers are still a bit chubby.  Won't be long until that is gone, too.))))

Lainey is wearing 12 month old pj pants under her dress. 

Where is her mother?!

Started a bit of Halloween decorating.  These old school paper window pieces are from our days in Colorado.  I love them.  They remind me of ones my mom hung in our windows when we were kids.

Fall in California is a challenge.  I'm doing my best.  The weather does get cooler, but I so miss those glorious colors from Kansas City.

I have a big basket full of Halloween costumes from years passed that I bring out this time of year.  Lainey found Jack's lion. 


Here is our little lion in 2006, when we had just recently moved to Colorado.

And, today.  "I a widdle bit scarier, Mom."


This is what my kitchen looked like after making cake pops for Lainey's party.  Oddly enough, I can't wait to try again!

The boys' school hosted an ice cream social last week.  Allison and I took the kids.  Carter said we couldn't dance, although I assured him that "social" meant that we could.  Party pooper.

Lainey has some mad skillz with the hula hoop.  Girl is crazy about it.  On my list.  You know, because she hasn't gotten much lately.

Speaking of, Aunt Mary sent her some blinged out accessories.  The hat, the purse and some jewelry.

Carter said she looked like a pop star.  Music to her ears.

Batman got an impromptu dental exam recently by Rylee.

There are no words.

Rylee is obsessed in love with Batman.  Batman?  Notsomuch.  Rylee's voice sends him to the deep rafters of the garage in hiding.  She caught him this time, though.

Party pic!

It's only Wednesday and I'm exhausted from the week.  Plenty more to do, too.

Must catch up on Parenthood (best TV show in years) tonight.

I tried Pan Am (big hopes) and wasn't totally impressed.  I'll try again.

Playboy Club, too.  Less impressed.  Anyone watching either?

Hope yall are having a good week!


Heather said...

oh my word! I can't believe Batman let her do that!
love the scoop!

Quinn, Allison, Rylee and Cailyn McNamara said...

hahahahahahaha! omg. i DIED laughing at those pics of batman! the poor kitty. i don't know what we're going to do with rylee. she seriously asks about him several times a day even when we aren't going to see you guys! and i love those pics from the park. also impressed by the wainey wogs (:

Jodee said...

Great scoop! Love the pizza and park pictures!

Batman is such a coooool cat!

Chell said...

Lovin' the scoop! Batman is great!

Brittny said...

Well this was a fun read! Seriously, I was so bored with tv I turned it off so it would quit bugging me while I was reading blogs. I have only watched half of an episode of Parenthood and it was this season so I have no clue what's going on and afraid it is too late to join in on what apparently the rest of the world is watching. I have no been impressed with much of anything that's on right now. I miss USA network. Now THAT'S some good tv! Wait, I'm supposed to be talking about your post. Sorry. Can you tell I'm bored? And alone? I missed the fall leaves in FL too. Everything there is an evergreen. Green and brown. Gets old. Your poor cat. I have no idea why he hasn't moved himself back to anywhere else. Ok, a mosquito is really bothering me so I'm going to go to bed now. Thanks for the update! I promise to update mine, once I can find a way to download the photos. (Do you realize I just wrote a post in the comment section?)

Amanda said...

I LOVE Parenthood. Cry like a baby during every episode. Love all the pics especially from Lainey's party. So many wonderful touches- favors, cake pops- loved it all. You are such a great mom!

Vincent Family said...

Your poor cat has a special place in heaven saved! And I have to say that I wish I had an Allison so I could be brilliant and get a break also (add that to my 'To Do' list)!

I haven't watched Parenthood yet but I want to start. I did watch Pan Am and wasn't totally impressed either but I will try again.

Kelly Beatty said...

Love those kids...especially Jack's "NAVY" t-shirt (shout out to myself). Oh, plus, with all these talk of cake pops, I noticed my new Family Circle Magazine has them on the cover. I will NEVER attempt them. Yours were darling, though.

PS. You're probably wondering why I get Family Circle. My MIL ordered it for me. Thanks.

donatelli98 said...

PETA will be knocking on your door any minute - just sayin!

Coco said...

I loved Parenthood at first but then the autistic kid and his mom really got on my nerves. Bad! I hate them both.

Dee Stephens said...

OMG! Batman is one patient kitty fo sho! I can't believe he didn't freak out and scratch and run off...not to mention bite!
So great about the trading off!

Tutus and Choo-Choos said...

I can always get a laugh from your posts. Jack may just be the funniest kid ever. Love his expressions.

M.R. said...

those lion pics are adorable!

i love parenthood too- one of my favorite shows on right now.

like the new bedspread too, very cute!

Miss Sweet Tea said...

You have wayyyyy more than 4 readers! You are awesome and I love keeping up with you guys! I love that your kids love each other & that they play together...that is so sweet!

I can't believe Batman didn't bite someone's fingers off. He must be a really relaxed cat!

merrilee said...

I cannot believe Batman allowed that--he is seriuosly the best cat EVA! Those pictures of the kids in that lion costume are cracking me up--so cute!

Mom of 12 said...

I love Halloween! I'm so glad it's almost October. The fall season is my favorite. Cute kids btw.

Sara said...

Only Courtney would call out an autistic child and hate him. WTF?!!? ha!

Poor Batman. You know I don't like cats, but I really feel for him. He's seriously THE most patient cat ever.

Those close up pics of the kiddos are adorable. So sweet.

Unknown said...

OH, I love these pictures!!! So, so cute! The kids are all beautiful. Seriously, though, you made me tear up when you said his fingers won't be chubby much longer. I miss chubby fingers!!

Kristen said...

First of all... Batman's dental exam?!??!?! Bwhahahahaha. I just love that.

Maddux has not come out of hiding since Max moved in. He has eaten one meal and feed him water from a turkey baster because he refuses to drink. He won't kill himself will he??

And the pic of Jack with the 3 girls?? So fabulous.

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