Monday, September 05, 2011

Where In The World Is The Starnes Family?

I think this is the longest I've gone without posting in years.

Sorry, peeps.  Been busy.

We slid out of town last week to visit Disneyland again after a summer "off".  We have the Southern California resident passes, which blocks out dates while the park is busy.  Hence, summertime.

Spent one evening at the park and then one night at the Double Tree.....then back again to Disneyland.

Kids were thrilled to see a slight view of the park from our room:

Budget travel trip:  Bring your own snacks, drinks and even meals if possible.  Disneyland will bleed you dry.  A coke costs $3.50.  I buy a 6 pack for $3.33 and bring them instead.  This seems logical to me, but not everyone does it.
Water, juice boxes, fruit, etc.......take in the basics and then treat the kids to one meal and cotton candy.

Lainey wanted 'princess' hair.  I did my best.

Prior to the parade, she had to call "Asiga", her imaginary girlfriend.  We've never met her, but have been teased countless times.  Her reason for us not seeing her this time?  She got stuck behind the parade.


Bebe Toms.  Love.

Another tip:  Bring in your own bubbles instead of buying the $8 bubble guns. 

Jelly Cat got a turn this time.

Our pretty princess.  Disneyland pictures include a whole lot of Laine.  Sorry, boys. 

One of the sweetest things......that I hope to always her calling to her favorite princesses to get their attention.

They are fantastic at making eye contact and noticing the little girls adoring them.

Post parade, we headed over to California Adventure.  Laine was barely tall enough for this one in the she passes with flying colors!

Best ride between both parks, hands down.

Yes, that's my 3 year old daughter with her tongue in her nose.

Fireworks!  Magical.

Carter traded 2 Vinylmations for this sought after Alien dude.

The fam.

Back to the hotel to sleep.

And, then we woke to find that the vacation fairy had visited.

Yep.  Still doing it.

Like most kids, ours love staying at a hotel.  A hotel pool?  Even better.

I read while they swam.

Loving this book.

Back to the park to meet up with Allison and kids.

Don't look so happy, Carter.

Allison stayed for a bit and then headed north to LAX for a flight out of town.  I kept her girls with me for the night.  Had them on my own for about 3 hours until Blake joined us. 

I didn't cry once!

Keeping them occupied with candy certainly helped.

Nice, Lainey.  Going to work on her keeping her fingers out of the Fun Dip next time.

I love these goons.

And, Carter LOVES Cailyn.

Around 3:15, we set up camp in anticipation of the afternoon parade.  Had some snacks....Lainey napped a bit.....and we enjoyed the shade.

I turned around at one point to find this, in direct view of the parade.

Really?  Do you think we've been sitting here only to be blocked in and unable to see the damn street?

I hate people.

We moved spots and enjoyed the now un-obstructed views.

Jack is so precious......handing the girls their matching dolls as each character comes by.....insisting they hold them up to be seen.

Laine shared all of her knowledge with the girls.......since she saw the same parade the night before.

Could our little Tinkerbell be any cuter?!  Allison made her shoes.  Love them.

Blake finally arrived, so we walked to the French Quarter for dinner.  Carter's favorite, clam chowder and mac-n-cheese Mickey plates for the little ones.

Lainey and Rylee took care of baby Minnie Mouse.

Want to know the biggest tragedy?  The Haunted Mansion was closed.  CLOSED.  They're prepping it for Halloween/Christmas, where it becomes a Jack Skellington/Nightmare Before Christmas theme

Worth the wait.

Coco, can't wait to take yall here!


Jack finally braved the Big Thunder Railroad.  See him here with arms up.  :)

Hidden Mickey?

Carter lost interest on the merry-go-round. 

Texting ensued.

That's a wrap.  Next visit.......Disneyland during Halloween!  The only thing better than that is Christmas at Disney.

In other news:

Lainey has egotistically found a doll that she thinks looks like her.  I suppose the hair does help.

Jack, ever the fashion guru, has taken to sporting his socks, pulled up.

Lookin' good.

The youngest Davidge has turned 1.  Soon, they'll have 4 walking.

I told this to Mike and he said, "Better than 3 in diapers."

Can you imagine?

We joined them for a birthday celebration and I took a few pics of sweet Ainsley demolishing her cupcake.

Love this bebe.

Finally, I'm newly obsessed with making unusual lunches for Jack.

Here we have dinosaurs on hot lava (fruit snacks).  Those triangles are "pwant yeaves for dem to eat", courtesy of Jack's imagination.

We're getting a little carried away.

On the agenda for this week:


*Some Fall decorating. (!!!!!!!!)

*Lainey's first day of Preschool.

*Julie S. arrives on Saturday.

Current state of the fam:  Carter is sea kayaking in Dana Point.  Jack is engrossed in the Ipad.  Lainey is doing my hair and makeup as I type.  Blake is making breakfast.  At noon.

Living the life, peeps!


Kittie Flyn said...

fall decorating! can't wait to see what creative fun things you do. :)

looks like a blast!

Coco said...

I can't wait!!!!

Dee Stephens said...

MEGA POST! I have some posting to do myself.
Oh.. having to go through all the pictures!
Love Disney at Christmas, but I'm sue you already knew that.

Brittny said...

I miss living "close to" Disney. Terribly. And even more, I miss going with friends. Or my in-laws. They are awesome. Haven't been with my parents since I was in college. Wait, elementary school. So glad you live close enough to rub it in our faces. I'm loving the little Toms too! Thinking of getting Sophie a pair, but know she will destroy them quickly.

aunt caroline said...

Carter should have punched Sandy Claws in the face - Marty Moose style!

Kim said...

You can coming camping with us but I want to go to Disneyland with you!

Alyssa loves to pamper too, love combing hair and rubbing lotion on my legs.

Pam Bowers said...

Awesome trip to Disney!!!

Carter looks so much like his daddy!

Girlfriend, you deserve a spa day!

Nicky said...

I absolutely love Look Me in the Eye. It's an amazing book and gives real insight into living with Asperger's syndrome.

Looks like another fantastic weekend. Makes me want to go to Disney World again real soon.

Kelly Beatty said...

I LOVE California. Looks awesome. I can't wait for the post from Coco's visit!!!!!!!!!!!

If the shoe FITZ said...

I am sure you read on all your TX FB peeps post but the weather was amazing yesterday. While we were sitting outside enjoying the weather we talked about how the Starnes crew knew what was going on moving to S. Cal. Best idea ever. Love all the theme parks and you can go all the time b/c the weather is nice. We are just going to the zoo for the first time since it's been so hot and we have a season pass! Can't wait to take L to disney some day!

Monica said...

Love thos post! Love everything DISNEY. I used to wear my socks up in HS, so Jack is ahead of the PIMP game. Good for him!

Impulsive Addict said...

Of course you were on vacay. Where else would you be? Certainly not at home. Like me.

Great pics as always. Besides my Emma Kate, your kids are the cutest!! =)

Kristen said...

I adore Lainey's princess hair.... tell her I want princess hair for my wedding :)

Living the life... indeed :)

Kristen said...

And Caroline's comment... Marty Moose style... hahahahaha... so awesome.
Coolest aunt award ever for that one.

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

I wish I lived close to Disney. And I wish I had princess hair.

Merry Mack said...

I my lord that picture of the kids with their Mickey ears from the back is just the cutest thing ever! I am so jealous of you guys going to the greatest place on Earth frequently. I want to come to SD with Coco! I love your vaca fairy.

Quinn, Allison, Rylee and Cailyn McNamara said...

Still my hero. Thanks for adopting my kids on a regular basis. Love you!
Oh, and your hat names are great! None of mine turned out with all of the names completely visible...I was thinking that I was going to have to photoshop them to get a good picture. I still might someday. Just because I need to learn how to do that (:

The Lenzers said...

how do you do it?????? that's all i can say?

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