Friday, September 09, 2011

Just Some Stuff

1.  I am anti-IPhone overall.  I don't care for touch screens.  They are incredibly frustrating for me.  Thus, I have a Blackberry.  If you know me well, I am not a techy kind of person.  The fact that I have managed to keep this blog up and running for 5 years is kind of a miracle in itself. 

And, had it not been for the Blackberry's seemingly moron-proof set up, I would still be using one of these:

Do you remember that? 

"He's on the beach with a phone!"

So cool.

Anyway, two new advancements have started pushing me towards the Iphone.

Example A:

Seriously.  If you could guarantee that I would be friends with the original person who made this message, I would buy one today.

Example B:

Disneyland app to show you the wait time at rides, a GPS function to map out the quickest, closest attractions?  Times for parades and nearby shows?

Oh my Lawd, that is good.

I'm not sold yet, though.  And, I just signed a 2 year contract on my Blackberry.  So, don't get too excited.

2.  Kids are learning to spell.  So proud.

3.  Blake recently drug this beauty out from the garage and into our nightmares.  His treasured doll from when he was a kid.  No explanation.

Jack did not care for it.

4.  Lainey is loving ballet and started Preschool this week.  The cuteness cannot be contained.  Don't tell me she's not pretty because I won't believe you.

More on her later.

5.  This is how we slept last night.  At about midnight, Jack's night terrors escalated to an all time high and his kicks in Carter's face took their toll.  We moved to the living room.  He could not sleep, so we assumed the 'comfort' position, which - since birth - includes him laying on top of me.  Perfect for the 90+ temps and no fan.

6.  Is Jim Carrey the next Charlie Sheen?

First this.

And, then this.

Dude better get it together.

Blake missed this challenging week of 100 degree temps, power outages, a flat tire and more.  He's been living the good life in Los Angeles.

If you need me, I'll be hiding in my room this weekend while he tends to the children.



Monica said...

I totally used the Disney wait time app while we were on our honeymoon at Disney World. It was AWESOME. Also, Blake's doll...WTF? That's all I can say about that.

Allyson and Dave said...

That doll is terrifying. You need to burn it and bury the ashes. Then maybe the nightmares will go away.

Quinn, Allison, Rylee and Cailyn McNamara said...

How did I miss out on the flat tire? Please call me sometime so I can return the favor and come rescue YOU!

M.R. said...

i know what you mean about touch screens...can't. stand. it. I'm sure I'll have to convert at some point but I'm holding out as long as I can!

THat disney app is awesome!
Cute new header too!

Vincent Family said...

WOW! That is a lot of stuff. Enjoy your alone time sounds like it is MUCH needed!

P.S. LOVE the new header!!! Did you do it yourself?

starnes family said...

I did do the header myself. I'll post the link to the tutorial soon. Super easy!!!!!!

Erin said...

oh good lord what the hell is wrong with that doll??

and those pics of the kids sleeping? precious. despite the fact that it appears there was no room for you in your bed....

Jodee Leader said...

This post is hilarious!

I just got a cell phone, however, it's nothing fancy. No apps for me -- just lots of texting!

Oh my word! How did Blake turn out normal after that scary doll?! That is a hoot!

Sounds like you had a rough week. I wish I could send you our fabulous fall weather. It has been soooo nice here!

Hope you had a great weekend!

Clare said...

I have an iphone, it's not that great.
Night terrors? How awful, especially if you are camping out together.
I hope you get the break you need this weekend.

The Lenzers said...

the doll explains alot about Blake! HA

donatelli98 said...

That doll = WTH? Glad you all survived. D loves the Disney app on his phone!

merrilee said...

I may have my own night terrors after seeing that doll! I resisted the Iphone foreva and then finally broke down. Now I can't imagine life without it....seriously, it is the BEST!

Dee Stephens said...

Glad you have your power back!!!

Merry Mack said...

She is a doll!

I think you are thinking too hard about this iPhone thing.

That doll of Blakes is super disturbing.

I hope you disappeared somewhere this weekend. That business is too much for any mama solo.

Kim said...

Your posts NEVER fail to make me smile, THANK YOU! Always love catching up with your family.

Darcy said...

The sleeping situation is SO. Cute.!
thx for the heads up on the app too btw. next time i'm going to disney i'm getting that thing. my husband is obsessing about the iphone lately. he want us to switch carriers just to get it. i have a crappy old phone, so not TOO opposed other than the fact that we'll go broke.

Darcy said...

ps that doll needs to accidentally disappear OMG ;-)

Teacher Man said...

1. You need to visit

Funny, but not fun for the whole family.

2. Fart? Good for him. Go to and have it pronounce it for you. Yes, I'm easily entertained.

3. Blake's doll? What's that in its mouth, a doobie?