Thursday, October 20, 2011

Coco's In Town. Part 3.

First, an update on Batman.  The update is that there is no update.  I can't even joke about it.  I'm heartbroken and hating each day he's not here.  I'm just hoping he's moved on to another family who will love him like we did. 

I appreciate all of the sweet thoughts and prayers.  If you will notice, I try not to blog about anything too personal.  It's just not who I am.  Too delicate a subject.  The serious stuff. 
Moving on.

Day 3.  After a big day at Disneyland, we planned to take it easy.  Headed to the harbor for fish & chips, plus some surfing.

Coco is obviously new to motherhood since she allowed 2 girls in Matilda Jane outfits to choose blue ice cream.

I wonder about her.

We were lucky enough to get a call en route to let us know that a sailing excursion was available at a time that fit for us.  Coco was giving me the "No, no, no.....I get sick on boats" finger crossing over her throat motion, but I ignored her.

Off to sail!

Saw the usual seals trying out for Sea World relaxing in the middle of the calm waters.

That's the captain up there with Coco.  Totally cool guy.  Fed Coco enough wine to keep her sea sickness to a manageable level and got the kids involved in some aspects of the boat, too.

I don't know why some of these pictures are messed up, but I have neither the time, nor patience, to fool with the details right now. 

(Really.  Hire me to work on your blog!)

Tessie Mayes was lulled to sleep on the water.  Literally.

So cute.  Seriously cute.  I love her.

We went out in search of dolphins and after faking that we saw some (pointing at seals that we originally thought WERE dolphins), we headed back to the mainland.

It was about a 2 hour sail.

Back in.

We're sailors!

We sail! 

(What About Bob? movie reference.  If you don't know it, I can't help you.)

I'd like to stop telling you how darling these two are together, but I can't.  They just wouldn't stop. 

Insert funny and similar to the above caption here.

Back to the house for some princessy fun, apps and drinks.

Party pic?  Won't this be cute framed in their Chi Omega Delta Gamma room they'll share at Texas Tech LSU?

Blake set up the outdoor movie theater.

Always cool.

Kids were all over the house, in and out of costumes and having a blast.  Adults, too.

We woke to a slow moving morning, some packing and then good-byes.

"Hug, Jack?"

"No fanks!"

I can't blame him.  Although that is Jack's usual routine, she messed with him the entire weekend.

"Excuse me, Mrs. Coco?  Where's my sword?"

"In the trash."


We headed south to San Diego.  Dropped by the photography studio I work in so Tessie Mayes could take some pics.

Melissa's studio is fantastic.  Super cool lobby.

The above pics were taken by me.

The below, Melissa, the professional.

From Just Hatched Photography.

Can't even tell the difference, huh?

I kid.  I kid. 

Whose sick of the Coco + Casey = TrueLOVE4Eva posts?

Me!  Me!  Me!

Back to normal soon enough.

Blake and I are juggling 6 kids this week.  Mike, husband of Holly and father of 4 punks, deploys in November.  So, the happy couple is escaping with baby Ainsley for nearly a week.  Hope they get some good couple time and a nice long visit before heading back to chaos home.

Look for me on the news next week should Blake have to travel or work long hours. 

It could happen, people.  I could happen.


Brittny said...

This is what I think it would be like if I visited. Just insert "B" instead of "Coco". (Yes, I just nicknamed myself. And yes, "B" is the best I could do. Too many people "remembered" my name easily thanks to the one we shall call "Spears" and I just can't take it.) Glad you ladies had so much fun and the kids look like they had a blast too. : )

Oh, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE What About Bob!!!! Thanks for reminding me about it. I think I need it on my Christmas list. That movie is AWESOME!!!!!

Coco said...

The zit on my forehead is crazy. I have never had one that big and it does not photograph well at all.

You should include the late night pics. For sure. On blog, not on facebook.

donatelli98 said...

You know Batman is enjoying life with a childless couple right now, he was too smart not too! Miss seeing him and thinking or you guys! Glad Coco and TM were able to distract you for a few days. TM and LC - adorable!! Their mama's are too!!

Dee Stephens said...

How fun! Just noticed in these pictures that CoCo got her braces off! Looking good!

Sara said...

I noticed your zit first thing, Coco.

Those girls are so darn cute together. Love them! Tessie Mayes needs to know for future reference that sorority girls put their drinks in plastic cups for party pics.

Still laughing about Jack and Coco's interaction with the sword.

M.R. said...

Sailing looks so fun!

I love that orange necklace too!

Kristen said...

Ummmm.... what have I missed? Where is Batman??? Please fill me in, offline. I am worried.

In other commenting news, you and Coco should join some sort of Mommy Models group or something. For real. How do you get to look that cute with your crazy schedules and offspring demanding your attention and I cannot put myself together.