Sunday, October 30, 2011


I don't want yall to get too excited and plan your day around it, but there's a good chance that I'll be posting twice today.

I know.  It's almost too much to think about.

A few things this morning.

1.  Question -What is the scariest movie ever? 

For me, it's The Strangers. Seriously freaked out by this one.

It's plausible. It's a psychological mind game.  It's horrifying.

The music added so much. Not your usual creepy Nightmare on Elm street type, but folk music instead.  Played often and without expectation.

A home invasion by some messed up folks. 

2. Meow Meow dressed up for Halloween this year.

Sleepy head Laine gave it her all.

3. I'm 'catering' my first Mom's Little Secrets gig today.  Halloween party food.  No, I'm not a chef or cook or baker by any stretch of the imagination.  But, I can follow a recipe and set up a pretty presentation.  Pictures to come. 

4.  While sitting for the Dabidge boys, we made these Halloween foot print ghosts. Carter made a set at age 1, which is good because his foot wouldn't even fit on the paper this year.

Jack has some serious Flintstone feet.  For real, yall.


5.  Blake did face painting yesterday while I was out shopping for my event today.

This picture scares me.

Pay no attention to the blue crime scene fingerprints in the back.  From Coco's visit.  No explanation necessary.

6. Today is going to be busy, folks.


Sierra's Halloween Birthday Party

Legoland Brick or Treat Party

Pumpkin Carving

Seed Roasting

Blake is pretty much about to cry with excitement in anticipation of all the fun he's going to have today.

You're welcome, babe!

Happy Hallow's Eve, folks.  Back soon.


Jodee said...

Oh my word! I am cracking up! I know Cory and Blake could totally relate to one another! However, I am glad they are such good sports.

Love, love, love the ghost artwork! I should try it out!

Kelly Beatty said...

Is it Sierra's party you're catering? Exciting!! Maybe you will get to post pics. That kid is the cutest. PS. I'll be sitting at my computer waiting for your second post.

Lauren W said...

Did I miss something? Did you find Meow Meow? Or is that an imposter?

Kittie Flyn said...

Um, scary movies, especially psychological ones that could happen? No thanks.

At least you balanced the post and had more adorable pics of your kids.


Dee Stephens said...

Have fun! Brad would be the same way!

Sara said...

That movie sounds horrifying. No fank you.

Just saw some pics of your catering gig - so awesome! You've got this thing down, my friend.